Violin and Checkerboard (1913) by Juan Gris

Violin and Checkerboard - Juan Gris - 1913

Artwork Information

TitleViolin and Checkerboard
ArtistJuan Gris
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions100 x 65 cm
Art MovementSynthetic Cubism
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About Violin and Checkerboard

Juan Gris created an extraordinary painting entitled ‘Violin And Checkerboard’ in 1913, which has been praised for its bold and bright colors. The work is done in a style known as Synthetic Cubism, where the background of the painting consists of geometric shapes that draw on photographic sources to create a sense of 3D. The violin and blanket appear to have some tone added, further emphasizing the realistic nature of the painting. The artwork measures at 100 x 65 cm and is widely admired for its unique combination of colors and textures.

Juan Gris also painted ‘Untitled (Violin And Ink Bottle On A Table)’ in 1913, which has been said to be one of his finest cubist works. This painting demonstrates his grasp on synthetic cubism as it is seemingly comprised mostly of primary colors with deep textures throughout that add complexity and depth to the work. This famous artwork measures 91 x 73 cm and was painted in oil on canvas depicting a simple yet interesting tableau featuring a violin and an ink bottle on a table with other miscellaneous objects around them. Whether it’s because of the minimalistic approach or its vibrantly intense colors, Gris’ paintings are unmistakable in their beauty.

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