Violin and Glass (1913; France) by Georges Braque

Violin and Glass - Georges Braque - 1913; France

Artwork Information

TitleViolin and Glass
ArtistGeorges Braque
Date1913; France
Dimensions81 x 60 cm
Art MovementSynthetic Cubism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Violin and Glass

Georges Braque’s artwork “Violin and Glass,” created in 1913, embodies the Synthetic Cubist movement in form and method. This still life composition is executed in charcoal and oil on canvas, measuring 81 by 60 centimeters. Representationally, the artwork can be understood as an exploration of object fragmentation and reconstruction, characteristic of the Synthetic Cubism era—indicative of a shift from Braque’s earlier Analytic Cubism phase. As of the most recent information available, this piece resides within a private collection.

The artwork presents a densely packed arrangement of forms and planes that appear both opaque and semi-transparent, masterfully intertwined to evoke the outlines of a violin and associated objects. Colors in the composition are subdued, with earthen tones predominating, interspersed with occasional letters and stenciled words that add a graphic element. The use of charcoal alongside oil paint provides a textured, gritty quality to the surface, reinforcing the layered complexity.

Within the confines of its canvas, the disjointed objects invite viewers to move beyond traditional perspective and to engage with the composition from multiple viewpoints simultaneously. The strategic placement of shapes and the interplay of light and shadow prompt a rhythmic harmony akin to the musical instrument it suggests. In this work, Braque manipulates space and volume, complicating the distinction between background and foreground, thus challenging the viewer’s perception and encouraging a deeper contemplation of the representation of reality in art. This still life, through its abstraction and geometric simplification, becomes a testament to Braque’s contribution to early 20th-century modern art and exemplifies the core tenets of Synthetic Cubism.

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