Virgin And Child Between St. Francis And St. Anthony (1448) by Donatello

Virgin And Child Between St

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TitleVirgin And Child Between St. Francis And St. Anthony
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About Virgin And Child Between St. Francis And St. Anthony

The Virgin and Child between St. Francis and St. Anthony is a bronze statue created by the renowned Italian Renaissance artist, Donatello, in 1448 for the High Altar of the Basilica di Sant’Antonio in Padua, Italy. The artwork depicts the Virgin Mary holding her infant son Jesus Christ while flanked by two revered saints: St. Francis of Assisi and St. Anthony of Padua.

The statue itself is made entirely from bronze and was modeled, cast, and chased with extreme attention to detail. The Madonna and Child Enthroned portrays Mary rising from her throne to display Christ to the faithful believers gathered below her.

Donatello was a master of both marble and bronze sculpting techniques during his life as an Italian Renaissance artist. In addition to this work, he has also created other figures such as a statue/figure of Saint Mark as well as partaking on monument design such as Gattamelata’s.

There are replicas of these statues located all over text known museums around the world- one notable piece can be found at V&A Cast Courts for easy viewing from anyone interested in studying Donatello’s works or religious art pieces in general.

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