Voiles (2017) by Michel Rauscher

Voiles - Michel Rauscher - 2017

Artwork Information

ArtistMichel Rauscher
MediumOil on Canvas

About Voiles

The artwork titled “Voiles” is a creation by Michel Rauscher, completed in the year 2017. This piece is an oil on canvas and measures 28.7 by 23.6 inches. The genre of the painting falls within the marine category, and it exhibits traits of the expressionist art movement.

Upon examining the artwork, one can observe a distinct segmentation, as it appears to be divided into quadrants, each with its own unique portrayal of marine elements. The palette is dominated by deep blue hues, juxtaposed against earthy tones, providing a striking contrast. The top left quadrant features an isolated arched window set against a solid blue background, suggesting a sense of solitude and reflection. Adjacent to this, in the top-right segment, one can discern a window with ornate grills, providing a touch of intricate beauty amidst the rustic charm.

The middle-left section of the canvas portrays a collection of sails, aligned vertically, which seem to be part of a larger vessel. This introduces a theme of adventure and travel. In contrast, the bottom-right quadrant grounds the scene with a single sailboat, appearing serene as it glides across the water. This boat harbors a sense of peacefulness and simplicity.

The lower-left wedge, filled with enigmatic blue streams, appears to depict water in an abstracted form, perhaps hinting at the undercurrents or the vast depth of the sea. Additionally, there is a playful element to this segment, with curvilinear forms that may evoke the rhythm of waves or sea creatures.

The textures across the artwork are varied and purposeful, adding a tactile depth to the visual experience. Through cracks and what might appear to be erosions in the canvas, Rauscher brings forth the impression of weathered surfaces, resonating with the timeless and often harsh environment of marine life.

In summary, “Voiles” is a contemplative piece that merges the impressions of solid architecture with the fluidity of maritime elements, creating a narrative woven together through color and form, while expressing the raw emotion characteristic of expressionist work.

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