Voulez-vous triompher des Belles (c. 1720) by Jean-Antoine Watteau

Voulez-vous triompher des Belles - Jean-Antoine Watteau - c. 1720

Artwork Information

TitleVoulez-vous triompher des Belles
ArtistJean-Antoine Watteau
Datec. 1720
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions37 x 28 cm
Current LocationThe Wallace Collection, London

About Voulez-vous triompher des Belles

Jean-Antoine Watteau’s painting titled Voulez-Vous Triomphe Des Belles? was created in 1720. It is a remarkable example of French Rococo art, which was brought to life by Watteau’s exploration of light and movement. Watteau draws upon the traditions of Correggio and Rubens, while also opting for a more naturalistic approach that shifted away from the classical scene.

This painting is evidence of Watteau’s incredible artistic capability and his ability to capture emotion. His work created intense feelings of joy in viewers, as can be seen in this very pastoral and tranquil piece. He used muted colours, such as yellow and brown, to infuse an atmosphere of peace and contentment into his painting.

Watteau was also known for his study into the human figure, which he put on display in another masterpiece called Two Studies Of The Head And Shoulders Of A Little Girl from 1716-1717. His skill shines through as he depicted facial expressions in vivid detail, paying homage to all members of society with this one artwork. Taken together, these two paintings demonstrate the incredible talent Jean-Antoine Watteau possessed when it comes to artistry and composition, showcasing the milestones achieved during French Rococo.

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