Vulcan and Aeolus (c. 1495-1500) by Piero di Cosimo

Vulcan and Aeolus - Piero di Cosimo - c. 1495-1500

Artwork Information

TitleVulcan and Aeolus
ArtistPiero di Cosimo
Datec. 1495-1500
MediumOil and tempera on Canvas
Current LocationNational Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

About Vulcan and Aeolus

Piero Di Cosimo was a famed Italian painter, and between 1495-1500 he produced “Vulcan and Aeolus”, an oil painting that is on display to this day at the National Gallery of Canada. This work displays two figures – Vulcan and AeoluS. It is 155.5 cm x 166.5 cm in size and has been praised for its vivid imagery and the excellent use of color.

The painting tells a story from a Greek Mythology, the finding of Vulcan on the island Lemnos. It depicts Aeolus, who had come to rescue the abandoned Vulcan after his mother discarded him into the sea. The picture stands out due to its intricate details as well as remarkable perspective atop airy skies showing powerful clouds with turbulent dark-blue edges against which contrast paint Vulcan’s pallid face. Moreover, Piero seems to be gentle in his portrayal of both figures allowing his audience to attribute their own emotions to each character.

In terms of symbolism, this painting embodyss respect to one’s ancestors while representing classic mythology, thus offering deep understandings with aesthetically pleasing components in portraiture form. Finally, another painting by same artist called “The Finding of Vulcan on Lemnos” was also created around 1495-1505 depicting a similar story but from a different point of view emphasizing on themes such as family strife or abandonment through beautiful strokes for genuine representation of rich stories from antiquity period seen vividly today in art galleries worldwide such as The National Gallery of Canada .

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