Waiting (1982) by Francesco Clemente

Waiting - Francesco Clemente - 1982

Artwork Information

ArtistFrancesco Clemente
MediumWatercolor on Arches paper
Dimensions14 x 20 in (35.7 x 50.8 cm)
Art MovementTransavantgarde
Current LocationThomas Ammann, Zurich
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About Waiting

Francesco Clemente’s painting, Waiting (1982), is a thought-provoking masterpiece that forms part of the artist’s dreamlike paintings based on esoteric themes of sexuality and spirituality. The Italian artist is renowned for his works that defy easy categorization, incorporating sculpture, drawing, photography, painting, and book art to create pieces with a unique character. He was an integral part of the Neo-Expressionist movement focused on self-expression and marked by vivid colors and thick brushstrokes.

Waiting embodies Clemente’s signature style in its use of bold lines, luminous colors, and mysterious subject matter. The work presents the viewer with an ambiguous scene where it is unclear what exactly the figure is waiting for or who they are expecting. This ambiguity allows space for interpretation from viewers who can create meaning based on their personal reflections.

Clemente has been profoundly influenced by Indian culture since his first visit to the country 46 years ago which reinforces one theory about Waiting being inspired by Hindu mythology portraying Kalki avatar waiting to receive divine instructions before proceeding on a mission to restore order in this world filled with chaos.

Overall Francesco Clemente’s Waiting demonstrates his captivating artistic skill in creating thought-provoking artwork with multiple interpretations encouraged by strong emphasis placed upon sexuality and spirituality subjects through distinctive coloration techniques characterized by lines entwining to show emotional rhythmical movement through rawness over glossiness around individual figures consistently portrayed as awaiting decisive instruction before embarking on following paths according to their idiosyncratic passions while engaging classic Indian iconography allow us glimpses into another culture’s mythos allowing openness towards new ways of conceptualizing our place in the world

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