Walking in light (2022) by Francesca Borgo

Walking in light - Francesca Borgo - 2022

Artwork Information

TitleWalking in light
ArtistFrancesca Borgo
MediumAcrylic, Resin on Canvas

About Walking in light

The artwork entitled “Walking in light” was created by Francesca Borgo in 2022. This piece is a minimalist landscape executed using acrylic and resin on canvas, spanning dimensions of 19.7×19.7 inches. Borgo’s work is part of the broader minimalism movement, which is characterized by an emphasis on simplicity and the use of minimal elements to create a maximum effect.

“Walking in light” embodies the minimalist ethos through its restrained color palette and simplified representation of a landscape. The artwork’s textured surface suggests natural elements, possibly evoking a sense of undulating terrain or the gentle ebb and flow of water. The carefully modulated shades of blue and white render a serene and contemplative atmosphere. The use of light and shadow is subtle yet deliberate, inviting the viewer to consider the interplay between clarity and obscurity, presence and absence. Resin, known for its glossy, reflective properties when applied to canvas, likely enhances the visual and tactile qualities of the composition, contributing to an immersive viewing experience that is both ethereal and grounded. Overall, the artwork’s contemplative quality and textual depth create a visceral sense of tranquility and introspection.

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