Water-bottle, Bottle, and Fruit-dish (1915) by Juan Gris

Water-bottle, Bottle, and Fruit-dish - Juan Gris - 1915

Artwork Information

TitleWater-bottle, Bottle, and Fruit-dish
ArtistJuan Gris
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions81 x 65 cm
Art MovementSynthetic Cubism
Current LocationPrivate collection, New York
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About Water-bottle, Bottle, and Fruit-dish

Juan Gris’ work, Water-Bottle, Bottle, And Fruit-Dish was created in the year 1915. The dimensions of this masterpiece are 81 x 65cm. It is classified as a synthetic cubism piece with elements of still life genre. The painting’s colors are vivid and vibrant which sets the mood for it to be an expression of joy and calmness at the same time. A refreshing take on Juan Gris’ cubist pieces that still captures the eye of the viewer.

The concept behind this artwork is heavily focused on depicting everyday objects with a modern twist; hence why the piece falls under synthetic cubism. This style allowed Gris to distort perspective through angles, colors and lines that converge into one glorious landscape. This water bottle, bottle, and fruit dish evoke nostalgia towards what his life in Paris looked like during 1915 while living off meager means as an artist. Juan Gris was also known for his Violin And Guitar painting also made during 1913 as it marks a mesmeric sentiment upon viewing due to its indistinguishable shape and forms that were used to create it.

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