Weeping girl at a grave by Jakob Becker

Weeping girl at a grave - Jakob Becker -

Artwork Information

TitleWeeping girl at a grave
ArtistJakob Becker
Art MovementRomanticism
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About Weeping girl at a grave

Weeping girl at a grave is a painting by Jakob Becker, a German artist known for his genre paintings of peasants. The artwork is part of the German Romanticism movement and depicts a young peasant girl crying at a grave. The painting features the vivid colors and details that were characteristic of romanticism’s emphasis on emotion and dramatic imagery.

Overall, “Weeping girl at a grave” offers an emotional portrayal of grief and loss in rural communities. With its detailed depiction of the young girl’s tears and body language, Becker invites us to empathize with her sadness. The painting reminds us of the universal experience of mourning and how it can affect people regardless of their social status or upbringing.

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