Wenn der Hahn dreimal kraeht (2002) by Hannes Hofstetter

Wenn der Hahn dreimal kraeht - Hannes Hofstetter - 2002

Artwork Information

TitleWenn der Hahn dreimal kraeht
ArtistHannes Hofstetter
MediumObjects on Wood
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About Wenn der Hahn dreimal kraeht

The artwork titled “Wenn der Hahn dreimal kraeht” was created by artist Hannes Hofstetter in the year 2002. This piece falls under the genre of religion and is considered fine art. It features objects on wood as its medium and measures 31.5×31.5 inches.

The artwork presents a simple yet profound representation of a religious symbol. It displays a cross, nestled against a contrasting background. The cross itself has a textured, verdigris patina, suggesting it may be made of copper or another metal susceptible to such oxidation. This verdigris element stands out against the rust-colored backdrop, which appears to be corroded iron. The contrasting colors and textures play with themes of decay and permanence, highlighting the everlasting nature of the religious symbol amidst change and deterioration. The materiality of the work, with the emphasis on the physical properties of the objects and the wood support, provides a tactile depth to the artwork. This, combined with the religious connotations of the cross, invites contemplation on the intersection between the tangible and the spiritual.

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