Wheat Field With Sun And Cloud (1889) by Vincent Van Gogh

Wheat Field With Sun And Cloud - Vincent Van Gogh - 1889

Artwork Information

TitleWheat Field With Sun And Cloud
ArtistVincent Van Gogh
Dimensions18 3/4 x 22 in. (47.5 x 56 cm)
Current LocationRijksmuseum Kroller-muller, Otterlo

About Wheat Field With Sun And Cloud

Vincent Van Gogh painted a series of oil paintings titled “The Wheat Field” in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. One of the paintings from this series is “Wheatfield with Sun and Cloud,” which was completed in 1889. This painting portrays the view that Van Gogh observed from his bedroom window on the top floor of an asylum. He used a stone wall as a picture frame to exhibit the bright colors that he used for the wheat field.

Van Gogh’s progression as an artist is evident from his wheat field works, indicating his evolution towards more lively and creative oil paintings over time. He began portraying drab presentations of wheat sheaves early in his career but moved on to more vibrant depictions later on, including this painting.

Van Gogh depicted nature as a symbol of eternal cycles and transience of life through wheat fields. The color palette utilized by Van Gogh within Wheatfield with Sun and Cloud highlights this message, with warm yellows depicting ripening crops as azure blue skies exemplify optimism and positive thoughts regarding harvest-time outcomes.

In conclusion, Vincent Van Gogh’s “Wheatfield with Sun and Cloud” painting portrays nature’s everlasting cycle and the fleeting nature of life. His innovative use of colors enhanced these messages while emphasising agriculture-specific topics, such as harvesting results affected by climate conditions like sunshine or clouds.

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