White River at Sharon (1937) by Edward Hopper

White River at Sharon - Edward Hopper - 1937

Artwork Information

TitleWhite River at Sharon
ArtistEdward Hopper
Art MovementNew Realism

About White River at Sharon

The artwork titled “White River at Sharon,” created by Edward Hopper in 1937, is an exquisite piece of New Realism, which falls within the genre of landscape. The piece is emblematic of Hopper’s keen observation and portrayal of the American scene which often communicates a subtle narrative through the use of light, color, and composition.

The artwork captures a tranquil and somewhat isolated scene of a river landscape. In the foreground, a body of water reflects shades of blue and white, suggesting movement and the play of light on its surface. Rising from a central rocky promontory are slender trees, providing a vertical counterpoint to the horizontal expanse of the river. The background gives way to lush foliage in various hues of green, with hints of autumnal colors. A bridge in the distance is barely visible, perhaps indicating the presence of human activity, but the overall impression is one of nature’s serene and untouched beauty. The sky above is rendered with soft, expansive clouds, contributing to the peaceful and contemplative mood of the composition. Edward Hopper’s adept use of light and shadow invites viewers into a contemplative space, characteristic of his landscapes that often explore the interplay between man-made structures and the natural world.

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