Wife of Juan Agustín Ceán Bermúdez (c.1785) by Francisco Goya

Wife of Juan Agustín Ceán Bermúdez - Francisco Goya - c.1785

Artwork Information

TitleWife of Juan Agustín Ceán Bermúdez
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Dimensions121 x 84.5 cm
Art MovementRomanticism

About Wife of Juan Agustín Ceán Bermúdez

The artwork “Wife of Juan Agustín Ceán Bermúdez” is a portrait by the celebrated artist Francisco Goya, dating from approximately 1785. This oil on canvas piece measures 121 by 84.5 centimeters and is representative of the Romanticism movement, which often emphasized individual emotion and the sublime. As a portrait, it captures the visage and character of its subject, providing insight into the aesthetics and cultural norms of the time.

The artwork presents a regal female figure seated against a dark, nondescript background. Her gaze meets the viewer’s directly, with an expression that is both dignified and tender. The lighting of the painting illuminates her face and her elegant attire, highlighting her features and the intricate details of her clothing.

Her clothing is lavish, with a luxurious dress that features elaborate patterns and lace, and a delicately tied bow adorning the front. The sleeves and bodice reveal detailed embroidery and the sheer fabric of her shawl falls gracefully around her arms. Atop her head, she wears an extravagant hat adorned with feathers, which frames her face and adds to the overall sophistication and stateliness of her portrayal.

In her hands, she holds a red, ornately designed box, suggesting a sense of refinement and perhaps a hint at the leisurely pursuits or personal interests of the sitter. Her wrists are adorned with what appear to be bracelets, and her fingers are graced with rings, indicating a status of wealth and prominence.

Overall, Goya’s artwork exemplifies his skill in portraying the human figure and his ability to convey personality and status through portrait painting. The attention to texture and detail in the clothing, combined with the serene yet confident demeanor of the subject, makes this portrait a captivating reflection of Romantic sensibilities and the societal norms of the era in which it was painted.

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