Will she rise again? (1810 – 1814) by Francisco Goya

Will she rise again? - Francisco Goya - 1810 - 1814

Artwork Information

TitleWill she rise again?
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Date1810 - 1814
Dimensions22 x 17.8 cm
Art MovementRomanticism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Will she rise again?

The artwork entitled “Will she rise again?” was created by Francisco Goya between 1810 and 1814. This etching on paper is a representation of the Romanticism movement and measures 22 x 17.8 cm in dimension. It is rendered as a caricature and is part of “The Disasters of War” series. Currently, the artwork is housed within a private collection.

In this particular etching, Goya presents a rather somber and chaotic scene filled with dark lines and shadowy figures that suggest turmoil and distress. The central focus appears to be a figure laid out on the ground with onlookers surrounding it, some possibly in states of despair or anticipation of the figure’s fate. The marks radiating from the central figure possibly convey a sense of explosion or emanation, drawing the viewer’s eye to the scene’s tragic nucleus. The intensity of the lines and the dramatization of light and shadow exemplify the Romantic era’s emphasis on emotional expression and the macabre.

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