William Warham, Archbishop Of Canterbury (1527) by Hans Holbein

William Warham, Archbishop Of Canterbury - Hans Holbein - 1527

Artwork Information

TitleWilliam Warham, Archbishop Of Canterbury
ArtistHans Holbein
Dimensions40.7 x 30.9 cm

About William Warham, Archbishop Of Canterbury

Hans Holbein was a renowned portrait painter from the 16th century who painted William Warham, the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1527. Warham played a crucial role as an intermediary between England and the Papacy during his stint as the last pre-Reformation Archbishop of Canterbury. He assisted his assistant Wolsey in determining the validity of Henry’s marriage with Catherine by conducting a secret inquiry.

During the divorce proceedings, Warham was known to be old and weary. He had a close relationship with Erasmus, another notable figure of that time whom he patronized. As a gift to Warham, Holbein sent him a painting of Erasmus and eventually received an order from him to create his portrait.

Holbein’s portrait shows Warham surrounded by luxurious ecclesiastical attributes and insignia befitting his elevated rank despite being care-worn and aged in appearance. The trimming on Warham’s collar symbolizes his high-ranking position within religious circles while capturing an upward glance added subtle energy to his otherwise melancholic demeanor.

Overall, Holbein’s painting highlights how Warham utilized his position as Archbishop for political relations and portrays him not only as important but also human; highlighting both powerful attire & signs of aging simultaneously present within one picture.

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