Wind from the Sea (1948) by Andrew Wyeth

Wind from the Sea - Andrew Wyeth - 1947

Artwork Information

TitleWind from the Sea
ArtistAndrew Wyeth
Dimensions47 x 70 cm
Art MovementContemporary Realism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Wind from the Sea

The artwork “Wind from the Sea,” created by artist Andrew Wyeth in 1947, is a tempera painting belonging to the Contemporary Realism movement. With dimensions of 47 x 70 cm, this landscape genre painting is part of a private collection. Wyeth’s piece captures a moment of serene beauty where one can sense the movement of air through the delicate depiction of curtains.

The artwork presents a view from an interior space looking outward through a window. Thin, translucent curtains are caught in a gentle breeze, billowing inward, suggesting the presence of a soft wind coming from the sea outside. The curtains appear almost lifelike, as if they are dancing or fluttering in the air, adding an ethereal quality to the scene. Through the window, the viewer can observe a tranquil landscape, consisting of fields that recede into a line of trees along the horizon under a broad expanse of sky.

Contrast is a key element in this work, with the dark, weathered window frame starkly outlining the bright, sunlit scene beyond. The detailed texture of the curtain, with its intricate patterns and folds, adds depth to the composition. Wyeth’s mastery in rendering different materials and his keen observation of light and shadow are evident in the artwork, creating a profound sense of place and moment.

“Wind from the Sea” is emblematic of Wyeth’s style, which often explored the beauty in everyday scenes and the rural landscape of America. By capturing the quiet interaction between the interior space and the natural world outside, the painting invites viewers to pause and contemplate the tranquil and fleeting nature of such understated moments.

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