Winter Landscape (1879; Paris, France) by Paul Gauguin

Winter Landscape - Paul Gauguin - 1879; Paris, France

Artwork Information

TitleWinter Landscape
ArtistPaul Gauguin
Date1879; Paris, France
Dimensions60.5 x 80.5 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationBudapest Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary

About Winter Landscape

The artwork “Winter Landscape” was created by the artist Paul Gauguin in 1879 in Paris, France. It is an oil on canvas piece that reflects the Impressionist movement. The painting’s dimensions are 60.5 x 80.5 cm, and it is categorized as a landscape. The “Winter Landscape” is part of the collection at the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, Hungary.

The artwork portrays a serene winter scene where snow blankets the ground, and bare trees with slender branches dominate the foreground, creating intricate patterns against the sky. The cool palette primarily consists of whites and blues, with delicate touches of warmer tones that suggest distant buildings or perhaps remnants of autumn’s past vibrancy. Shadows and highlights are gently applied, capturing the diffused light typical of a cloudy winter’s day and imbuing the scene with a sense of tranquility and muted beauty. The atmosphere conveyed is one of quiet solitude—a typical Impressionist interest in the transient effects of natural light and color rather than in detailed representation. The soft brushstrokes and the overall composition demonstrate the qualities of the Impressionist style, emphasizing sensory perception and the temporal nature of the landscape.

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