Woman at the Mirror (1966) by Sigmar Polke

Woman at the Mirror - Sigmar Polke - 1966

Artwork Information

TitleWoman at the Mirror
ArtistSigmar Polke
MediumAcrylic on fabric
Dimensions125 x 80 cm
Current LocationPrivate collection, London

About Woman at the Mirror

Sigmar Polke, a notable multi-media artist born in Poland and raised in Germany, created “Woman at the Mirror” in 1966. The artwork features white contours that evoke pleasure and ecstasy, which transcend age. It is regarded as one of Polke’s most iconic pieces as it critiques traditional art using non-traditional materials and techniques.

Polke utilized fabric instead of canvas to create petit bourgeois interiors in his paintings. In this painting, a woman stands before a mirror with an expressionless face while holding a brush. The subject seems to be unimportant for the German artist. Instead, he focuses on evoking powerful emotions through his experimental techniques.

Throughout his career, Polke continued to break boundaries by shifting reality and blurring the lines between artifice and authenticity in his artwork. Woman at the Mirror is no exception as it perfectly encapsulates how he challenges conventional beauty standards by portraying pleasure above all else.

To conclude, Sigmar Polke’s “Woman at the Mirror” is an innovative work that transcends traditional concepts of beauty through its use of experimental materials and techniques that notably question conventional norms surrounding pleasure and ecstasy beyond age or preconceptions about appearances which can make people seriously think about societal constructions around aesthetics today.

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