Woman battered with a cane (c.1796 – c.1797) by Francisco Goya

Woman battered with a cane - Francisco Goya - c.1796 - c.1797

Artwork Information

TitleWoman battered with a cane
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Datec.1796 - c.1797
Art MovementRomanticism

About Woman battered with a cane

The artwork titled “Woman battered with a cane” is a creation of the renowned artist Francisco Goya, dating from around 1796 to 1797. It is executed using wash, ink, and paper as mediums, embodying the Romanticism art movement. This piece is categorized under genre painting and is a part of the “Album of Madrid” series.

The artwork presents a harrowing scene where a woman is seemingly in a position of defense and vulnerability. She is portrayed on her knees, looking upward with a pained expression. Her arms are raised as if either to shield herself or plead for mercy. Above her stands another figure, wielding a cane and poised to strike. This aggressor appears resolute and perhaps impassive, their stance suggesting power and dominance. Meanwhile, a third character, possibly an elderly individual, emerges faintly in the background, observing the situation passively. The stark contrast of light and shadow on the figures adds to the intensity and drama of the depicted moment. The emotional and physical turmoil captured here reflects the darker, more subjective exploration of human experiences typical of the Romantic era. The composition is dynamic and fraught with an unsettling energy that communicates not just the action, but the broader implications of such violence and human cruelty.

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