Woman In A Fur Coat (c. 1536-38) by Titian

Woman In A Fur Coat - Titian - c. 1536-38

Artwork Information

TitleWoman In A Fur Coat
Datec. 1536-38
Current LocationKunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

About Woman In A Fur Coat

Titian’s “Woman in a Fur Coat” is an oil painting from around 1536-38 that portrays an unknown young woman described as not a courtesan. The painting displays ambiguity, showing the model wearing a fur coat and exposing her breast, perhaps implying that she is of high social class. A significant aspect of the artwork is the combination of fur and skin, with the girl exposing her breast while sliding down her right shoulder.

The artwork is also known as “Young Woman with a Fur Coat,” and Titian painted it for Francesco Maria della Rovere or his son Guidobaldi. The same model used in “La Bella” and “Venus of Urbino” posed for this painting repeatedly, adding to its uniqueness.

Titian was one of the most important members of Venetian school during the 16th century, famous for his portraiture style. This painting’s significance can be seen when compared with other similar works like El Greco’s paintings with women in clothing similar to what we see here- although previous long-held beliefs have been debunked through scientific analysis revealing that El Greco had no involvement in this piece.

Today, visitors can see this masterpiece at Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien in Vienna, Austria. Isabella Stewart Gardner notably purchased Titian’s famous “Rape of Europa” through her art dealer friend Bernard Berenson.

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