Woman on a Balcony (1914) by Alberto Magnelli

Woman on a Balcony - Alberto Magnelli - 1914

Artwork Information

TitleWoman on a Balcony
ArtistAlberto Magnelli
Art MovementCubism,Fauvism
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About Woman on a Balcony

The artwork titled “Woman on a Balcony” was created by Alberto Magnelli in 1914. This piece falls under the purview of the Cubism and Fauvism art movements and is categorized as a portrait. It displays the innovative visual language of these movements, which sought to deconstruct traditional perspectives and utilize vibrant, non-naturalistic coloration.

Upon closer examination, the artwork presents a stylized portrayal of a woman, presumably positioned on a balcony. The composition is characterized by the geometric fragmentation typical of Cubism, with various shapes and planes intersecting to form the figure and background. The figure of the woman is composed of angular, abstract forms, and her attire is marked by bold patterns and contrasting hues that suggest a Fauvist influence in the vivid and expressive use of color.

In the foreground, attention is drawn to a table bearing a vase with flowers—an element that injects organic shapes and a spectrum of colors into the scene. The background hints at an outdoor setting, with forms that suggest the idea of a landscape or cityscape. The artist has employed a rich palette to create a sense of depth and to distinguish the subject from her surroundings, utilizing color in a way that can evoke emotional rather than realistic responses.

Overall, “Woman on a Balcony” embodies the avant-garde spirit of the early 20th century and reflects a departure from the precise depiction of reality, instead, offering an interpretation that blends abstraction with emotion and color.

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