Woman picking flowers (1912) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Woman picking flowers - Pierre-Auguste Renoir - 1912

Artwork Information

TitleWoman picking flowers
ArtistPierre-Auguste Renoir
Dimensions36 x 25 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationDaniel Malingue Gallery, Paris, France

About Woman picking flowers

The artwork titled “Woman picking flowers” was created by the prominent artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir in 1912. It exhibits the qualities of Impressionism, a movement that Renoir himself greatly influenced. The medium for this piece is oil on canvas, with dimensions measuring 36 by 25 centimeters. The genre of the artwork falls under landscape, and it is currently housed at the Daniel Malingue Gallery in Paris, France.

The artwork presents a vibrant and lush landscape bathed in natural light, reflecting Renoir’s impeccable ability to capture the interactions of color and light, which are signature elements of the Impressionist style. The central focus appears to be a figure of a woman engaged in the act of picking flowers. She is portrayed with broad, loose brushstrokes that blur the boundaries between the figure and the surrounding environment, further accentuating the feeling of a transient moment being captured on canvas.

Around the woman, the landscape is brought to life through a rich tapestry of colors and dynamic brushstrokes, showcasing Renoir’s mastery of this technique. The background features a small cottage nestled among the trees, which are depicted with an array of warm autumnal hues. The foliage has an almost tactile quality, demonstrating Renoir’s use of color to convey volume and depth. The sky is rendered in soft blues and whites, suggesting a time of day where the light is beginning to change.

The overall impression of the artwork is one of harmony and serenity, as the figure merges with nature in an intimate and unassuming way. Despite the small canvas size, the scene feels expansive and full of motion, a testament to Renoir’s skill in composing and executing his vision.

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