Woman`s Head by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Woman`s Head - Pierre-Auguste Renoir -

Artwork Information

TitleWoman`s Head
ArtistPierre-Auguste Renoir
Dimensions34.6 x 41.3 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Woman`s Head

The artwork “Woman’s Head” is an oil on canvas portrait by the renowned Impressionist artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir. With the dimensions of 34.6 x 41.3 cm, this exquisite piece exemplifies the quintessential Impressionist style and currently resides within a private collection.

Upon examining the artwork, one observes the gentle rendering of the subject’s features characteristic of Renoir’s portraiture. The artist employs a soft and dappled brushwork that allows the interplay of light and color to define the contours of the woman’s face. The subject’s gaze is directed away from the viewer, imbuing the portrait with a sense of introspection or momentary distraction. The background is rendered with loose, almost abstract strokes of warm tones, which provide a harmonious contrast to the cooler hues in the subject’s attire. The application of paint is neither meticulous nor overly detailed, per the Impressionist tradition, which seeks to capture the impression of a moment rather than a detailed likeness. This piece is a testament to Renoir’s mastery in portraying the human form with both emotion and a sense of spontaneity.

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