Woman’s Head (V.A. Repina lying in bed) (1872) by Ilya Repin

Woman's Head (V.A. Repina lying in bed) - Ilya Repin - 1872

Artwork Information

TitleWoman's Head (V.A. Repina lying in bed)
ArtistIlya Repin
Art MovementRealism

About Woman's Head (V.A. Repina lying in bed)

The artwork, titled “Woman’s Head (V.A. Repina lying in bed),” is a creation by the renowned artist Ilya Repin, dating back to the year 1872. As a significant figure in the art movement of Realism, Repin’s work frequently captures the essence of his subjects with meticulous detail and a focus on the mundane and truthful aspects of life, rather than idealized versions. This particular piece falls into the genre of sketch and study, showcasing the artist’s skill in portraying the human form and expression.

In examining the artwork, one is immediately drawn to the central figure of a woman’s head, rendered with careful attention to the delicate features of her face and the soft shadows that contour her visage. The subject’s gaze is direct, although somewhat wistful or contemplative, which invites a viewer to ponder her thoughts or mood. Her hair is loosely gathered, and the texture is evident through the fine strokes Repin employs. While the woman’s face and neck are depicted with considerable detail, the rest of her body and the background are only faintly sketched, suggesting that the artist’s primary focus was capturing the expression and immediate presence of the woman. The contrast between the well-defined portrait and the lightly outlined figure in the background accentuates the realism of the subject’s presence. Repin’s signature and the date, also part of the artwork, lend authenticity to the piece and situate it within his timeline of works.

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