Woman Trying on a Hat (c.1884) by Edgar Degas

Woman Trying on a Hat - Edgar Degas - c.1884

Artwork Information

TitleWoman Trying on a Hat
ArtistEdgar Degas
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Woman Trying on a Hat

The artwork titled “Woman Trying on a Hat” was crafted by the distinguished artist Edgar Degas around the year 1884. This genre painting was executed using oil on canvas and is an embodiment of the Impressionist art movement. The artwork is currently housed in a private collection.

The artwork presents a scene with a female figure engaged in the act of donning a hat, a common motif of domestic life that Degas often explored. The composition is dominated by the figure’s dynamic pose as she adjusts the hat on her head, affording the viewer an intimate glimpse into a seemingly mundane private moment. The work is notable for its loose brushstrokes and the luminous interplay of light and shadow characteristic of Impressionism, thus capturing the fleeting nature of the scene.

Degas has skillfully used contrast in colors to define the space, with a warm foreground that seems to blend into the form of the woman and a cool-toned background that provides an atmospheric effect. The woman’s back is turned to the viewer, emphasizing the movement of her arms and the tilt of the hat, while also highlighting the anonymity of the subject, focusing instead on the act itself rather than the individual’s identity. This choice of perspective and the cropped, candid nature of the scene are reflective of Degas’s innovative approach, aligning him with the modern tendencies of his time within the context of Impressionist practice.

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