Woman with a Guitar (1913) by Georges Braque

Woman with a Guitar - Georges Braque - 1913

Artwork Information

TitleWoman with a Guitar
ArtistGeorges Braque
Mediumcharcoal,Oil on Canvas
Dimensions130 x 73 cm
Art MovementSynthetic Cubism
Current LocationGeorges Pompidou Center, Paris, France
Location Created France

About Woman with a Guitar

The artwork titled “Woman with a Guitar” is a creation by the artist Georges Braque, dating back to 1913. Crafted using the mediums of charcoal and oil on canvas, it represents the Synthetic Cubism art movement. The piece measures 130 by 73 centimeters and falls under the genre painting category. It is exhibited at the Georges Pompidou Center in Paris, France, and was originally produced in France.

Delving into the details of the artwork, one can observe the characteristic features of Synthetic Cubism, an evolution from the earlier Analytic Cubism phase that Braque co-developed with Pablo Picasso. Instead of dissecting objects into fragments, Synthetic Cubism favors the combination of various elements and textures to create a composition. In this piece, geometric shapes and interlocking planes suggest the form of a woman and a guitar. The use of color is restrained, emphasizing the structural aspects of the forms rather than their chromatic qualities.

The guitar, while abstracted, is still discernible amidst the fragmented surface planes, serving as the focal point of the composition. The woman’s figure is suggested through a series of overlapping and intersecting shapes, with subtle shifts in tonality that convey depth and volume. Textual elements can also be seen within the composition, adding another layer of complexity and signifying the incorporation of real-world references into the canvas.

This sophisticated arrangement of shapes, textures, and subdued colors embodies the essence of Synthetic Cubism, marking a departure from the representational tradition of Western art and paving the way toward a more conceptual approach to visual representation.

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