Woman with a Hat (1905) by Henri Matisse

Woman with a Hat - Henri Matisse - 1905

Artwork Information

TitleWoman with a Hat
ArtistHenri Matisse
Art MovementFauvism
Current LocationSan Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), San Francisco, CA, US

About Woman with a Hat

The artwork “Woman with a Hat” is a renowned painting by Henri Matisse created in 1905. This oil on canvas portrait exemplifies the Fauvism art movement with its bold, vibrant colors and strong painterly qualities. Currently, the artwork is housed at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) in San Francisco, CA, United States.

The portrait depicts a woman adorned with a flamboyant hat that is striking in its use of color and form. Matisse’s application of paint is free and spontaneous, with little concern for naturalistic representation. The colors defy conventional shadowing and modeling, instead favoring unexpected hues like blues, greens, and reds to contour the face and clothing, which reveals the artist’s departure from traditional portraiture. The background is rendered in softer, complementary colors that both contrast and harmonize with the figure, emphasizing the emotional expression over realism. The portrait is less about capturing a faithful likeness and more about expressing an artistic vision through vivid color and dynamic brushwork, which would come to define the Fauvist approach and Matisse’s own legacy in modern art.

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