Woman with a Mandolin (c.1910; France) by Georges Braque

Woman with a Mandolin - Georges Braque - c.1910; France

Artwork Information

TitleWoman with a Mandolin
ArtistGeorges Braque
Datec.1910; France
Dimensions80.5 x 54 cm
Art MovementAnalytical Cubism
Current LocationThyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Madrid, Spain

About Woman with a Mandolin

The artwork “Woman with a Mandolin” is a significant piece by Georges Braque, dating back to circa 1910 and created in France. This oil on canvas painting is a prime example of Analytical Cubism, a movement co-founded by Braque. The artwork measures 80.5 by 54 cm and falls under the genre painting category. It is currently housed in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum located in Madrid, Spain.

In the artwork, Braque exemplifies the Analytical Cubism style through a muted palette and the disintegration of form into multifaceted planes and geometric shapes. The subject, presumably a woman holding a mandolin, is abstracted almost to the point of being indiscernible. This deliberate fracturing of objects and the use of intersecting planes allow Braque to depict the subject from multiple viewpoints concurrently, providing a more comprehensive representation of its form in space. The monochromatic hues help to unify the composition and draw attention to the complex interplay of shapes and lines, rather than to colors or emotive expressions.

The emphasis on structural analysis and the reduction of objects to their geometric components make this work a quintessential study in form, which is central to the ethos of the Analytical Cubist movement. The artwork eschews narrative detail in favor of exploring the boundaries of perception and the language of painting itself, making it an avant-garde piece that contributes significantly to early 20th-century modern art.

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