Woman with an Umbrella (c.1876) by Edgar Degas

Woman with an Umbrella - Edgar Degas - c.1876

Artwork Information

TitleWoman with an Umbrella
ArtistEdgar Degas
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationNational Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Canada

About Woman with an Umbrella

The artwork “Woman with an Umbrella” was crafted by Edgar Degas, a renowned artist, around 1876. As a testament to his artistic prowess, Degas employed oil on canvas to create this remarkable piece. It is quintessentially Impressionist in style, which is evident in its loose brushwork and emphasis on the effects of light. This portrait genre painting is part of the collection at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, Canada, where it is displayed for the public to appreciate.

The painting portrays a woman seated, facing slightly to the left, gazing directly at the viewer with an expression that is both attentive and somewhat reserved. She dons a gray outer garment with a high collar and a black hat adorned with what appears to be fur, intimating a setting in cooler weather. Her right hand rests gently on an umbrella, which, along with her attire, suggests she is either about to venture outside or has just come in. The brushwork is characteristic of the Impressionist movement, with visible strokes and a preference for capturing the transient effects of light and atmosphere over meticulous detail. The color palette of this artwork is relatively subdued, dominated by grays and soft whites, which create a sense of intimacy and reflection.

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