Woman With Basket (1927) by Juan Gris

Woman With Basket - Juan Gris - 1927

Artwork Information

TitleWoman With Basket
ArtistJuan Gris
Art MovementCubism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Woman With Basket

The artwork titled “Woman With Basket” is a creation of the artist Juan Gris, completed in the year 1927. It is an oil on canvas portrait that exemplifies the principles of Cubism, a revolutionary art movement focused on abstract representations of reality. The artwork is presently housed within a private collection.

This portrait features a woman holding a basket, represented with the stylistic fragmentation and geometric reconstruction characteristic of the Cubist movement. The figure is portrayed using a palette that hints at both warm and cool tones, creating a balance of color harmony and contrast. The background is modest, allowing the observer to focus on the subject and the intricate interplay of shapes and lines that construct her form and the basket she carries. The artwork showcases the artist’s keen ability to deconstruct and reassemble form, imbuing it with a sense of depth and multidimensionality within the flattened space of the canvas. The woman’s gaze is directed toward the viewer, offering a point of connection amidst the abstracted forms, thus inviting contemplation of the human experience through the lens of Cubist interpretation.

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