Woman with Dark Hair (1918) by Henri Matisse

Woman with Dark Hair - Henri Matisse - 1918

Artwork Information

TitleWoman with Dark Hair
ArtistHenri Matisse

About Woman with Dark Hair

The artwork titled “Woman with Dark Hair” is a portrait created by Henri Matisse in 1918. Classified within the genre of portraiture, the painting is representative of Matisse’s skill and stylistic approach during this period.

The artwork depicts a woman with dark hair framing her face. Matisse employs a muted palette with prominent earth tones, conveying a sense of sobriety and introspection. The woman’s gaze appears direct and penetrating, inviting the viewer to ponder her thoughts and emotions. Brush strokes are discernible and suggest a textural richness within the composition, further emphasizing the painterly qualities that Matisse was known for. The subject’s clothing appears to consist of a yellow and white garment with dark accents, indicative of Matisse’s thoughtful attention to color as a means of expressing character and mood. Despite its relative simplicity, the portrait exudes a complexity in its expression, a hallmark of Matisse’s artistic proficiency.

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