Woman with hat (1943) by Pablo Picasso

Woman with hat - Pablo Picasso - 1943

Artwork Information

TitleWoman with hat
ArtistPablo Picasso
Mediumindian ink,watercolor,paper
Dimensions54 x 53 cm
Art MovementExpressionism

About Woman with hat

The artwork titled “Woman with hat” was created by artist Pablo Picasso in 1943. It is a portrait executed in a medium consisting of Indian ink and watercolor on paper. The piece is a testament to the Expressionist art movement, which sought to convey subjective emotions and responses rather than objective reality. The dimensions of the artwork are 54 x 53 cm, which allows for an intimate viewing experience.

The artwork, “Woman with hat,” exhibits distinctive stylistic features characteristic of Picasso’s departure from realistic representation. The portrait showcases a blend of both fluid and sharp lines that define the features of the woman, while the use of Indian ink provides a dynamic contrast against the softer tones achieved by the transparent layers of watercolor. The hat, markedly geometric and textured, sits prominently atop the woman’s head, its ribbed elements adding depth to the composition.

This portrait reflects the expressive quality of the subject’s gaze, which engages directly with the viewer. Picasso’s technique involves a juxtaposition of light and dark shades, helping to create a sense of volume in the woman’s face and attire. The background, done in a lighter wash, allows the figure to stand out, drawing attention to the emotive quality imbued through the artist’s use of exaggerated and asymmetrical facial features. Despite the abstracted form and the minimal use of color, Picasso’s prowess in capturing the essence of his subject is evident. This work remains a quintessential example of the Expressionist approach, where the artist’s internal response to the world around him is more paramount than the replication of the external form.

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