Woman with her ​​hair in a small bun (1904) by Pablo Picasso

Woman with her ​​hair in a small bun - Pablo Picasso - 1904

Artwork Information

TitleWoman with her ​​hair in a small bun
ArtistPablo Picasso
Art MovementExpressionism

About Woman with her ​​hair in a small bun

The artwork titled “Woman with her ​​hair in a small bun” by Pablo Picasso was created in the year 1904. Associated with the Expressionism movement, this portrait is a striking illustration of Picasso’s artistic exploration during his early career.

In the artwork, the subject is depicted with a reserved and introspective expression, her gaze seemingly directed away from the viewer, adding to the enigmatic quality of the piece. Her hair is swept up into an intricate small bun, emphasizing the formality and perhaps the mood of the moment captured. The use of color is subdued, with a limited palette dominated by cooler tones that envelop the subject, creating a somber atmosphere. There is a sense of depth and texture in the treatment of her hair and skin, with visible brush strokes that enhance the expressive nature of the work.

Picasso’s handling of form and contour in this portrait reflects the transitional period in his oeuvre. The contours of the woman’s face, neck, and shoulders are delineated with a certain softness, revealing the artist’s interest in conveying emotion and psychological states through his subjects. The style resonates with the broader themes of the Expressionist movement, which sought to express meaning or emotional experience rather than physical reality. Overall, the artwork provides insight into the emotional and artistic currents that informed Picasso’s creative process at the time.

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