Wonder (2022) by Johanna Sanna

Wonder - Johanna Sanna - 2022

Artwork Information

ArtistJohanna Sanna
MediumAcrylic, Ink on Canvas

About Wonder

The artwork titled “Wonder” was created by artist Johanna Sanna in 2022. This piece is a vibrant example of abstract art and was rendered using acrylic and ink on canvas, measuring 25.6 by 19.7 inches. It belongs to the abstract art movement, which is characterized by its departure from traditional representation of physical objects and its exploration of the intrinsic properties of the chosen medium.

Upon perusal of “Wonder,” one is immediately struck by the expressive interplay of colors and forms. The composition is dominated by a dynamic eruption of deep pinks, dark purples, and rich reds against a paler backdrop, challenging the viewer’s perception and inviting varied interpretations. The application of paint is both fluid and intentional, with splatters, drips, and thick impasto techniques contributing to the artwork’s energetic and spontaneous qualities.

The use of contrasting colors creates a visual tension; warm hues seem to emerge or recede, captivating the viewer’s gaze. The abstract nature of the work precludes a definitive narrative, allowing an individual viewer’s feelings and imagination to fill the void created by a lack of representational form.

At its essence, “Wonder” is an embodiment of the abstract genre’s aim to evoke emotional responses through color, form, and texture rather than through a depiction of recognizable scenes or objects. It serves as an invitation to contemplate and appreciate the intrinsic beauty that resides in the abstraction.

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