YELKENLI by Abidin Dino

YELKENLI - Abidin Dino -

Artwork Information

ArtistAbidin Dino
Art MovementExpressionism
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“YELKENLI” is an artwork created by Abidin Dino, reflecting the characteristics of the Expressionism movement. This figurative piece displays an expressive and perhaps emotive rendering that seems to go beyond a purely representational depiction of subjects.

The artwork presents a stark contrast with its black and white color scheme. It features an abstract composition where the elements suggest fluidity and movement, evoking the sense of sails or figures that may be intertwined or in motion. The overall shape is circular, confined within what seems to be the outer boundary of a circle, drawing the viewers’ focus inward to the interplay of positive and negative space. The style in which it is rendered is very gestural, with the black appearing as if it was hastily or roughly applied, leaving textured white spaces that contribute to the dynamic and spontaneous feel of the work. These characteristics give the artwork a sense of immediacy and intensity that are hallmarks of the Expressionist approach.

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