YELKENLI by Abidin Dino

YELKENLI - Abidin Dino -

Artwork Information

ArtistAbidin Dino
Art MovementExpressionism


The artwork “YELKENLI” was created by Abidin Dino, an artist whose work is associated with the Expressionism movement. This particular piece is an example of figurative art, which seeks to represent real-world objects or individuals.

Upon examining the artwork, one is immediately struck by the stark contrast between the black and white color palette, which creates a dramatic visual tension. The forms seem to suggest a dynamic swirling motion, and the manner in which the figure and background interact seems to convey a sense of fluidity and perhaps turmoil. Given the title “YELKENLI,” which translates to “sailboat” in Turkish, it is plausible to interpret the abstract forms as relating to the sails of a boat caught in the wind, embodying the energy and movement one might experience at sea. The textures are rugged and appear to be created through a printmaking process, possibly a woodcut or linocut, which further emphasizes the raw, emotive quality typical of Expressionist works.

Overall, “YELKENLI” by Abidin Dino is a captivating piece of expressionist art that communicates its figurative theme through the use of abstracted shapes and strong contrast, a hallmark of the genre’s approach to depicting emotional experience rather than realistic representation.

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