Young Girl at the Window (1651) by Rembrandt

Young Girl at the Window - Rembrandt - 1651

Artwork Information

TitleYoung Girl at the Window
Art MovementBaroque,Tenebrism
Current LocationNationalmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden

About Young Girl at the Window

The artwork titled “Young Girl at the Window” was crafted by the renowned artist Rembrandt in the year 1651. It stands as an exemplar of the Baroque and Tenebrism art movements and is categorized as a portrait, also known as a tronie, which denotes a painting that focuses on an individual’s features or expression. This masterful piece currently resides at the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, Sweden.

The artwork portrays a young girl, gazing outward with an expression that invites contemplation. The warmth of her face is enhanced by the illumination that strikes her features, characteristic of Rembrandt’s adept use of light and shadow, which are hallmarks of the Tenebrism technique. Her attire consists of a striking red garment and a pale undergarment or ruff, punctuated by a cream-colored head covering that adds a soft contrast to the ensemble. Her pose, with a hand gently resting under her chin, conveys a sense of introspection and lends an air of casual elegance to the piece. The dark, muted background serves to highlight the figure of the girl, providing a depth to the composition that draws the viewer’s focus to her visage.

Rembrandt’s skill in capturing both the physical and psychological presence of his subjects is on full display in this artwork. The girl’s expression, though quietly composed, is imbued with a human quality that suggests a depth of emotion and thoughtfulness, prompting an empathetic response from the observer. The artwork remains a testament to Rembrandt’s mastery of portraiture, and its enduring presence in a public collection ensures its accessibility to appreciators of his oeuvre.

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