Young girl with a basket of flowers by Adolphe Piot

Young girl with a basket of flowers - Adolphe Piot -

Artwork Information

TitleYoung girl with a basket of flowers
ArtistAdolphe Piot
Art MovementAcademicism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Young girl with a basket of flowers

The artwork entitled “Young girl with a basket of flowers” is a portrait painted in oil on canvas by Adolphe Piot, who was known for his contributions to the Academicism art movement. The genre of this piece is portraiture and it currently resides within a private collection.

The artwork depicts a young girl seated, gazing directly at the viewer with an expression that is at once serene and engaging. She wears a traditional costume featuring a white blouse with puffed sleeves and a loose-fitting bodice cinched by a decorative sash. The red skirt beneath adds a warm hue to the composition. Draped across her lap is a rich, red fabric that cascades over the edge of her seat, upon which a basket laden with a profusion of flowers rests — the colors of the blossoms offering a vivid contrast to the otherwise subdued palette. A simple, flat bonnet sits atop her curly hair, its ribbon trailing down beside her cherubic face, which is highlighted by a delicate flush and framed by soft ringlets. Around her neck is a choker-style necklace, a modest adornment that complements the overall innocence portrayed. Her footwear, a pair of strapped and buckled shoes, peeks out from the folds of her skirt, completing the portrayal of a moment captured with masterful realism. The brushwork, the rendering of textiles, and the soft diffusion of light are characteristic of the Academic style, emphasizing both idealized beauty and technical prowess.

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