Young Man in a F R Cap Self Portrait (1654) by Carel Fabritius

Young Man in a F R Cap Self Portrait - Carel Fabritius - 1654

Artwork Information

TitleYoung Man in a F R Cap Self Portrait
ArtistCarel Fabritius
Art MovementBaroque

About Young Man in a F R Cap Self Portrait

The artwork entitled “Young Man in a F R Cap Self Portrait” is a significant piece by the artist Carel Fabritius, dating back to 1654. This self-portrait is an embodiment of the Baroque art movement, showcasing the individual style that Fabritius brought to the genre. Through this work, the artist grants us insight into his own self-perception and the artistic tendencies of the era.

The self-portrait is a captivating display of chiaroscuro, with thoughtful interplay of light and shadow contributing to a sense of depth and dimensionality. Fabritius has painted himself with a direct gaze that engages the viewer, framed by the soft, dark brim of his cap. His face bears an expression that is subtly introspective yet revealing a confident presence.

He is adorned with a brown garment with broad shoulders and a strap across his torso, which adds a tactile element to the composition, catching flickers of light that highlight the folds and texture. These details are rendered with meticulous brushwork typical of Baroque portraiture, aiming to combine realism with a sense of grandeur.

The background is understated, yet it provides a rich, dark canvas against which the figure stands out. The restrained use of color further accentuates the subject, drawing attention to the facial features and the luminosity of the flesh. The signature of the artist is elegantly inscribed in the lower right, confirming the authenticity and personal nature of the piece.

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