Young Witch Flying with a Rope (1824 – 1828) by Francisco Goya

Young Witch Flying with a Rope - Francisco Goya - 1824 - 1828

Artwork Information

TitleYoung Witch Flying with a Rope
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Date1824 - 1828
Art MovementRomanticism
Current LocationNational Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Canada

About Young Witch Flying with a Rope

The artwork titled “Young Witch Flying with a Rope” is attributed to the artist Francisco Goya, created during the period from 1824 to 1828. It falls under the Romanticism art movement and is categorized within the caricature genre. This work can be found in the National Gallery of Canada, located in Ottawa, Canada.

The artwork depicts a figure appearing to be in mid-flight, holding onto a rope with each hand. The subject’s positioning gives the impression of suspension or levitation, aligning with the suggestive title of a young witch flying. The figure is dressed in a flowing gown which billows around, suggesting movement and perhaps the action of flying through the air. This piece features energetic sketch lines and captures a sense of dynamic motion. The draftsmanship embodies a rough, expressive style typical of caricature, and the inclusion of supernatural elements is reflective of various themes explored within the Romanticism movement, including the interest in mysticism and the fantastical.

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