Young Woman Bathing Her Feet (also known as The Foot Bath) (1895) by Camille Pissarro

Young Woman Bathing Her Feet (also known as The Foot Bath) - Camille Pissarro - 1895

Artwork Information

TitleYoung Woman Bathing Her Feet (also known as The Foot Bath)
ArtistCamille Pissarro
Dimensions73 x 92 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Young Woman Bathing Her Feet (also known as The Foot Bath)

The artwork “Young Woman Bathing Her Feet (also known as The Foot Bath)” is an exquisite example of Impressionist painting by the esteemed artist Camille Pissarro, created in 1895. The medium employed is oil on canvas, and the dimensions of the piece measure 73 by 92 centimeters. Typical of the genre painting category, this work is presently held in a private collection. The Impressionist movement, to which this artwork belongs, is renowned for its emphasis on capturing the fleeting effects of light and color.

Upon examining the artwork, one observes the depiction of a young woman in a serene natural environment. She is positioned by a water’s edge, surrounded by lush vegetation that envelops the scene. The figure is captured in a moment of quietude as she attentively bathes her feet. The posture of the woman — crouched with one hand delicately touching her foot — conveys a sense of grace and introspection.

Pissarro employs a dappled brushstroke technique that is characteristic of Impressionism, evoking a sense of movement and vitality in the foliage and the play of light across the figure and the surrounding landscape. The emphasis on natural light and shadow is evident and contributes to the overall atmosphere of the scene. The color palette is replete with greens, browns, and warm tones that suggest the time of day could be a softly lit morning or late afternoon. The woman’s attire is simple and unadorned, reinforcing the everyday quality typical of genre painting, which seeks to represent scenes of daily life without embellishment.

In sum, the artwork captures a tranquil moment in nature, rendered with the impressionistic techniques that allow for a sense of immediacy and sensory immersion. It stands as a testament to Pissarro’s mastery of light, color, and composition in portraying the beauty of the ordinary with extraordinary skill.

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