Young Women Resting in a Field (c.1882) by Edgar Degas

Young Women Resting in a Field - Edgar Degas - c.1882

Artwork Information

TitleYoung Women Resting in a Field
ArtistEdgar Degas
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Young Women Resting in a Field

The artwork titled “Young Women Resting in a Field” is an exquisite pastel piece by the renowned artist Edgar Degas, dating back to circa 1882. This piece is a prime example of the Impressionist movement and falls under the genre painting category. Unfortunately, it is housed in a private collection, making it relatively inaccessible to the public eye.

The artwork depicts a serene scene of two young women at leisure in a rural settings. They appear to be resting in a field, surrounded by lush greenery that envelops the scene in a cloak of tranquility. Both women are depicted in a reclining position, seemingly at ease with one another’s company and their environment.

The woman in the foreground is adorned in a blue dress that cascades over her form, contrasting sharply with the vibrant green hues of the grass. Meanwhile, the other woman, situated further back, wears a white outfit with tinges of color that suggest the presence of light and shadow dancing upon the fabric. The use of pastel as a medium is particularly effective in conveying the luminosity and the delicate atmospheric conditions that are characteristic of Degas’s style and the Impressionist movement as a whole.

Degas’s masterful application of pastel has allowed for a rich texture and a soft, yet dynamic, portrayal of color and light. While the women’s faces are not in clear view, presenting them at rest from a profile or back angle, the relaxed postures and the intimate setting speak volumes about their state of mind and the intended mood of the piece. Their repose offers a glimpse into a fleeting moment of peacefulness and the simple joy found in a pastoral setting. The overall effect is one that is both calming and evocative, inviting the viewer to pause and contemplate alongside the subjects.

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