The 6 Best Art Projectors in 2024

Best Overall

XGIMI Horizon Pro

Top overall art projector, offering stunning 4K resolution ideal for detailed artistic displays.
Best for Professionals

BenQ TK700

The best choice for professional artists, known for its high-definition clarity and color accuracy.
Best for Tracing

Artograph Prism Opaque

Ideal for tracing and detailed artwork, providing clear and precise image projection.

best art projectorAn art projector is a device used to expand and project pictures, generally artworks or photographs, onto a larger surface like a canvas or wall. Artists, designers, and illustrators frequently also use them to trace an already existing image onto a new canvas or paper.

To create an image, art projectors focus a strong beam of light through a lens and onto the surface below. Users of projectors with zoom lenses can alter the size of the projected image to suit their needs. Digital projectors employ LED lights and digital files to display an image.

best art projectors
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Art projectors can range from small handheld devices to big, complicated models capable of projecting high-quality images. A number of projectors are better suited to bright rooms, while others work well in dimmer situations.

It’s common practice for artists to use art projectors when they want to enlarge a drawing or copy an existing work of art. Murals and large-scale works can be made using them in this way.

best art projectors
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There are a number of things to keep in mind while shopping for an art projector to make sure you get the one that’s best for you. The type of projector you choose, along with how compact it is, can make a difference in your day-to-day activities. The projector’s resolution and accurate color reproduction are also crucial considerations to keep in mind when shopping for art projectors.

Our list of the best models for professionals looking to create murals, as well as those tracing small designs, using an Android system, and looking for a mini projector, are all covered in the following guide.

Selection Criteria for Art Projectors 2023—Buying Guide

Projector Type

Different projectors serve different purposes and have different capabilities. Some of the most common projectors include:

Digital Projectors

Digital projectors create and display images via digital signals rather than film, onto screens or other surfaces. LCD projectors, digital light processor projectors, light emitting diode projectors, and laser projectors are all examples of this type, which come in a variety of forms, each employing a unique method of image creation.

The versatility of digital projectors means they can be used in a wide range of settings, from private cinemas to lecture halls and even stadiums. Better image quality, more consistent performance, and the ability to project a wider range of information, including digital files and streaming media, are just some of the benefits they offer over classic film projectors.

digital Projectors

Opaque Projectors

In order to project an image onto a surface, opaque projectors, often called overhead projectors or enlargers, are used. The piece of paper, photo, or drawing is first illuminated by a light source; the reflected light is then flipped by a mirror or prism and projected onto a screen or wall. Changing the distance between the projector and the screen causes the projected picture to grow or shrink accordingly.

They are mostly used to display images that cannot be scanned or copied, such as fragile handwritten notes or works of art. It’s true that digital projectors have mostly displaced the use of opaque projectors, but the latter is still helpful for some projects and can save money if you don’t need all the bells and whistles.

opaque projector
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Portable Projectors

Mini or pico projectors are ideal for use while traveling. Being portable and lightweight, they can be put up in a wide variety of settings without much hassle compared to larger and heavier projectors.

Several models of portable projectors employ different technologies such as digital light processing (DLP), liquid crystal display (LCD), and light-emitting diode (LED). They often run on batteries, making them useful even in places without access to electrical outlets. Portable projectors are widely used for giving presentations at work, enjoying movies at home, and even having screenings in the great outdoors.

best art projectors

Art Projector Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio is crucial when shopping for an art projector. To ensure that the projected image is rich in depth and detail, with deep blacks and whites, a high contrast ratio is essential.

It is generally agreed that a contrast ratio of 1,000:1 or more is optimal for art projectors. Nevertheless, projectors with contrast ratios of 2,000:1 or greater may offer even more impressive results.

best art projectors

Art Projector Color Reproduction

If you intend to use the projector for presenting artwork or other visually rich information, accurate color reproduction is a must, and there are several things to consider.

A broad color gamut, which describes the spectrum of colors it can reproduce, means that the projector can faithfully replicate a wide range of colors, and the resulting visuals will be more vivid and lifelike. Methods of calibration, such as tweaking the projector’s color temperature and gamma, can improve the projection’s color accuracy as well.

Aim to get a projector with tunable white and color balance. The color temperature of the projector can then be adjusted to match the room’s lighting, allowing for more realistic color reproduction.

Detail and color faithfulness improve with higher-resolution projectors. High-resolution art projectors, such as 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels), can provide even better image quality than those with a 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels) display.

Top Product Recommendations for the Best Art Projector 2023

  1. Overall Best Art Projectors: XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K Projector
  2. Best Projector for the Professional Artist: BenQ TK700
  3. Best Art Projector for Tracing: Artograph Prism Opaque Art Projector
  4. Best Android Art Projector for your Home: Anker NEBULA Capsule Max
  5. Best Portable Art Projector: ViewSonic M1 Mini
  6. Best Budget Art Projector: KODAK Luma 350

1. Overall Best Art Projectors—XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K Projector

XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K Projector

Selection Criteria

  • Projector Type – Digital Projector
  • Art Projector Contrast Ratio – 10,000:1
  • Art Projector Color Reproduction – 10/10

About TXGIMI Horizon Pro 4K Projector

This sleek and sophisticated gadget is a top-tier projector. It’s loaded with impressive features, like a 4K resolution that produces crisp and vivid visuals at ultra-bright 2200 ANSI lumens, making it a great option for most digital artists working today.

The color accuracy of a projector is also crucial for artistic projection. False colors can make a painting look skewed. In addition to an intelligent brightness adjustment and HDR10 x HLG for a natural color format, this projector is equipped with a wide range of other features that help it create lifelike images.

Autofocus, keystone correction, obstacle avoidance, and auto-screen alignment are all part of the sophisticated screen adaptation system that works invisibly to improve picture quality. The projector is ideal for any digital artist who wants to work on a professional level.

The projector’s image quality is similarly crucial for artistic projection. With a resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels, the TXGIMI Horizon Pro 4K projector is capable of displaying exceptionally crisp and clear visuals.

An essential factor to think about when using a projector to display artwork is the distance at which the image will be viewed. The optimal distance between the projector and the screen is going to vary from piece to piece. The maximum screen size that can be projected by the TXGIMI Horizon Pro 4K projector from a distance of up to 9.2 feet is 300 inches.

It has dual 8W built-in Harman Kardon speakers, is compatible with Dolby Digital and DTS-HD, and boasts sound quality that is unrivaled by any of the other projectors on this list. The projector is powered by Android 10, which provides wireless Chromecast streaming of media and hands-free operation via the user’s voice.


  • High-quality movie projector, with exceptional sound
  • Portable projector
  • Comes with a remote control


  • No optical zoom

2. Best Projector for the Professional Artist—BenQ TK700

BenQ TK700

Selection Criteria

  • Projector Type – Digital Projector
  • Art Projector Contrast Ratio – 10,000:1
  • Art Projector Color Reproduction – 10/10

About BenQ TK700

A professional muralist who creates art on a regular basis, no matter how big or small, deserves the best digital projector that can keep up with their output.

A 4k projector, like the BenQ TK700, has such a tight network of pixels that you can increase the size of your projection and murals without losing any of the finer information. This, in turn, allows for more intricate designs with densely packed lines to be drawn on the wall.

It is important to have a projector that can display colors and details faithfully over a vast area when creating a mural. The TK700’s 4K resolution and respectable color gamut coverage are bright enough and have a high enough contrast ratio to display murals in their intended glory reliably.

Moreover, a projector with a wide-angle lens that can project images onto a large wall or surface from a short distance is often required for murals. The throw ratio of the BenQ TK700 makes it a great choice for projecting large design murals from a close distance due to its fixed lens.

While shopping for an art projector, color fidelity is an important feature to look for. The TK700’s color gamut coverage and HDR capability are respectable and far better than that of some of the other projectors on this list, making it a useful tool for projected augmented reality mural projects on a professional level.

Image resolution and detail are other crucial factors to think about. The TK700 is in the optimal range for displaying fine details and textures in art images due to its 4K resolution and natural contrast ratio.

Other features include 2D and 3D keystone correction, zoom, and support for eARC for Dolby Atmos and 7.1-Channel Audio pass-through, making for an outstanding audio experience if you decide to include a movie in your artistic plans.

The 3200 lumens of light output will come in handy for you as an artist, allowing you to maintain your usual level of productivity even in low-light settings.

BenQ is one of the industry’s pioneering brands, and for a good reason: the company’s projectors are high quality and come with helpful after-sale services.

Overall, it may be more expensive than some of the other projectors on this list, but the 4k resolution, outstanding brightness, and quality you get from BenQ make it well worth it for professional artists.


  • Good for projecting images for wall art murals
  • Can even be used in a dark room
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Great for projecting gaming


  • Fan noise is a little loud
  • 3D files are not supported until the next update

3. Best Art Projector for Tracing—Artograph Prism Opaque Art Projector

Artograph Prism Opaque Art Projector

Selection Criteria

  • Projector Type – Opaque Projector
  • Art Projector Contrast Ratio – N/A
  • Art Projector Color Reproduction – 9/10

About Artograph Prism Opaque Art Projector

When it comes to projectors, many artists and designers choose the Artograph Prism Opaque Art Projector. It has a variety of qualities that make it an excellent option for artistic projection, and it is made with an eye toward art applications specifically. All opaque projectors function in the same way; they shine a strong light over your artwork and then project the reflected light onto the wall.

The high-definition lens is a standout feature of the Prism Opaque Art Projector. The 7-inch lens can magnify and show images up to 20 times their original size without losing clarity or detail. This makes it perfect for projecting finely detailed visuals like drawings and graphics for tracing.

The Prism Opaque Art Projector’s high level of illumination is another notable quality. With its 500-watt picture bulb and wide field of view, it’s simple to project images onto any surface. This works especially well when projecting onto surfaces with a lot of roughness, such as walls.

The Prism Opaque Art Projector’s portability, lightweight, and intuitive controls are just a few of the attributes that make it a great option for art projection. It’s portable and simple to set up in different places thanks to its built-in handle and tripod.

You can load 3D items into the loading area and project them onto the wall, just like with any other opaque projector.


  • 20x magnification
  • High-quality projection made possible by a color-correcting lens system
  • Picture size decrease up to 80%


  • Not quite as portable, large size
  • Not very bright rooms

4. Best Android Art Projector for your Home—Anker NEBULA Capsule Max

Anker NEBULA Capsule Max

Selection Criteria

  • Projector Type – Digital Projector
  • Art Projector Contrast Ratio – 400:1
  • Art Projector Color Reproduction – 8/10

About Anker NEBULA Capsule Max

With a built-in speaker and streaming capabilities, the Anker NEBULA Capsule Max is primarily promoted as a portable entertainment projector for your home.

It’s one of the most advantageous digital art projectors in terms of portability, efficiency, and cost. This lightweight digital projector, which resembles a soda can, weighs in at just over a pound but is far smaller and more portable than it looks. If you are a digital artist searching for a portable projector that won’t break the bank, this may be your best bet. With its broad device compatibility, this art projector can be used by just about everyone.

The Anker Nebula Capsule Max, with its state-of-the-art DLP technology, can project a 100-inch, high-definition, 720p, 200-ANSI-lumen image for up to four hours on a single charge, giving you plenty of time to get some serious creative work done without worrying about being interrupted. This tool shines in dim lighting. In addition, the built-in auto vertical keystone correction fixes any distortion caused by the projector being tilted off-center from the wall or screen.

Not only does this projector come with a plethora of other capabilities, but it also runs on Android 8.1, meaning you can stream your favorite shows and movies from services like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and more through the Nebula Connect app on your mobile device. The device supports many connections. However, Micro SD cards are not supported, only HDMI, USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi can be used.

While shopping for an art projector, color fidelity is an important feature to look for. While the Capsule Max’s color gamut coverage is respectable, it may not be as wide as that of professional-grade projectors made with museum-level projection uses in mind.

To sum up, the Anker NEBULA Capsule Max is a great option for home entertainment but might not be the best choice for professional art presentations in museums.


  • Portable projector
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Dark room is preferable
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Micro SD cards not supported
  • Full HD resolution

5. Best Portable Art Projector—ViewSonic M1 Mini

ViewSonic M1 Mini


Selection Criteria

  • Projector Type – Digital Projector
  • Art Projector Contrast Ratio – 500:1
  • Art Projector Color Reproduction – 8/10

About ViewSonic M1 Mini

ViewSonic may be known for its computer monitors, but being smaller than a deck of cards and lighter than a can of soda, the ViewSonic M1 small is a lightweight and compact portable projector that ticks all the boxes.

The vertical keystone adjustment allows for the device to self-correct crooked and distorted images, and its modest size belies its capability. It can project images up to 100 inches in diameter. The M1 Mini spares no expense, especially in the realm of audio, with its two high-quality JBL speakers.

It has some extra capabilities, like being able to alter the color of the front plate to match your aesthetics and charging it with a power bank so you can use the projector anywhere.

Due to its low brightness of 250 lumens, it is advisable to use it in dark rooms. This projector supports both a regular USB and a micro USB, so you can always use it with a power bank to increase its runtime, which currently sits at 1.5 hours.

The M1 Mini’s native resolution of 854×480 may be lower than that of some other projectors on the market, but it is still adequate for most light entertainment and business presentation purposes. In addition, it has an adjustable stand that allows you to project images onto a variety of surfaces.

The ViewSonic M1 Mini is an excellent lightweight projector that strikes a nice balance between portability, brightness, and connection. Although it may not be up to snuff for serious work, it makes a great option for portable, light fun.


  • Mini portable projector
  • Lamp features a long life of 30,000 hours
  • JBL speakers


  • Small absolute number of lumens for professional work

6. Best Budget Art Projector—KODAK Luma 350

KODAK Luma 350

Selection Criteria

  • Projector Type – Digital Projector
  • Art Projector Contrast Ratio – 3500:1
  • Art Projector Color Reproduction – 9/10

About KODAK Luma 350

KODAK has released the Luma 350, a LED projector ideal for creative and photographic uses. It can project images up to 200 inches in size and has a native resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. The 3500 lumens of brightness should be sufficient for use in spaces with average lighting. This is our best budget projector because the balance between projection quality and its price point is rather impressive.

The KODAK Luma 350’s mobility is one of its greatest strengths; the projector weighs just 2.43 pounds and has its own carrying case. Hence, you can easily pack it up and carry it with you wherever you go to work on your artistic endeavors.

Moreover, it’s simple to set up, allowing you to dive right into your creative work.

The fact that the KODAK Luma 350 can be wirelessly connected to other devices is quite useful in day-to-day activities.

Since it includes built-in WiFi, you can use it to draw and trace digital images directly on the cloud.

In conclusion, the KODAK Luma 350 looks like a solid choice for an art projector, especially if portability and having a budget-friendly device are priorities.


  • Mini projector
  • One of the best projectors for this price point, for all your art projects
  • Reliable projector


  • Best used in ambient light

Conclusion—The Best Art Projector 2023

Art projectors are only one example of how technology has become an integral element of the creative process, allowing for more precise and detailed design and illustration. For digital artists, an art projector is a must-have tool, and we hope our recommendations will help you make the correct purchase. Even the best art projectors have their drawbacks, so it’s important to weigh all of your alternatives before settling on one.

If you are looking for a machine that features a high-quality movie projector with exceptional sound, albeit, at a high price, you probably want to check out the XGIMI Horizon Pro. On the other hand, if creating professional murals is more your thing, the BenQ TK700 will not disappoint you. For tracing on papers and walls alike, do have a look at the Artograph Prism Opaque Art Projector.

We hope you found our analysis of the best digital art projector of 2023 to be helpful. Consult our associated guides for further sources of comparable items for the artistic lifestyle.

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