The 6 Best Canvas Prints Companies in 2023

the best canvas printsMany of us are guilty of having thousands of photos stashed away on our phones, laptops, and cloud storage in this era of digital photography. But how many of our most treasured recollections make it from bits to tassels?

It is now simpler than ever to turn digital photos into beautiful works of art that capture the spirit of precious moments in life.

The ability to print digital photographs on canvas has made it a popular option to preserve precious moments and impart a unique style to any space. But how can you pick the best canvas printing service when there are so many?

In order to ensure that your precious memories are preserved for generations to come, we have spent many hours researching and testing various canvas print services. These businesses offer all one might want, from superior products to attentive support staff.

You can trust these well-regarded canvas printing companies to always produce amazing results, whether you’re wanting to adorn your house or make a one-of-a-kind present for your loved ones.

Gather your most treasured digital photographs, decide on canvas size and finish, and watch as your memories come to life on your walls, thanks to the wonders of custom canvas print.


Selection Criteria for the Best Canvas Print Services 2023—Buying Guide

There are several aspects to think about while deciding on a custom canvas print service. To begin, you need assurance that the end result is a high-quality masterpiece worthy of being shown with pride.

Yet, it’s not all that matters; there are other factors to consider as well.

Quality of Prints:

The quality of your prints is the most crucial aspect to think about when looking for the best canvas printing services. If you want colorful, long-lasting canvas prints, you should get them from a business that employs high-quality canvas material and printing procedures.

Customization Options:

The best canvas print service providers give customers a wide variety of alternatives for personalizing their orders. Verify that your preferred canvas printing service provides all the personalization tools you’ll need to design the ideal print, including but not limited to the choice of canvas size, frame style, and editing tools.

Customer Service:

Try to choose a business with an approachable customer service department that can answer your inquiries and address your problems in a timely fashion.

Shipping and Delivery:

It is always better to choose a vendor that not only ships promptly but also lets you know where your package is in the delivery process, just for your peace of mind.


The cost of their services should also be taken into account when selecting a canvas printing business. Be sure you’re getting a good bargain for the quality of prints and services supplied by comparing the costs of other providers as well.

Top Product Recommendations for the Best Canvas Prints 2023

The following businesses provide a wide range of sizes and possibilities for personalization, from standard canvas prints to split canvases and multi-panel choices. They can accommodate your needs whether you’re shopping for wall art for your home or workplace, or a present for a special someone. With ease and convenience in mind, let’s explore the world of canvas printing together.

  1. Best Overall High-Quality Canvas Prints: Pictorem Print Company
  2. Best Budget Friendly Canvas Prints: CanvasChamp Print Company
  3. Best Quality Canvas Prints for Professionals: Printique Canvas Print Company
  4. Best Gallery Quality Canvas Print: CanvasHQ Print Company
  5. Best Canvas Prints for International Shipping: Social Print Studio
  6. Best Custom Canvas Prints: Shutterfly Print Company

1. Best Overall High-Quality Canvas Prints—Pictorem Print Company


Selection Criteria

  • Quality of Canvas Prints – 10/10
  • Canvas Printing Customization – 9/10
  • Canvas Prints Online Customer Service – 10/10
  • Canvas Print Company Shipping – 8/10
  • Canvas Printing Pricing – 10/10

About Pictorem Print Company

Pictorem is the place to go if you need a dependable online canvas print service. They provide low-cost choices for both residential and commercial use. Printing your images or artwork on museum-quality materials like cotton canvas with archival inks and dyes is what they are known for.

Pictorem is the only gallery that can compete in terms of quality when it comes to textured canvas prints. The company exclusively employs high-quality materials in its prints, which makes for a welcome addition to any office or home area. Their canvas prints are noted for their vibrant colors and sharp contrasts, which contribute to the brand’s distinct point of view. The gallery-quality textured canvas distinguishes Pictorem prints from the crowd, so much that it will trick you into believing you’re looking at an original masterpiece.

They also use cutting-edge printing techniques to ensure that your photos have the highest possible clarity, color accuracy, and detail. Canvas prints come in standard, panoramic, and collage sizes, to name a few.

They also provide a broad range of mounting and framing options, including floating framed canvas prints and gallery-style canvas wraps, as well as alternative print media such as acrylic, metal wood, and fine art paper, as well as entertaining picture puzzles.

They are at the top of our recommended list because, in addition to offering the greatest quality canvas print, they also provide the best rates, offers, and degrees of customization.


  • High-quality prints
  • Varying degrees of customization, such as collage canvas prints
  • Makes it easy to order canvas prints online


  • Internation shipping is only available via third-party companies

2. Best Budget Friendly Canvas Prints—CanvasChamp Print Company

CanvasChamp Print Company

Selection Criteria

  • Quality of Canvas Prints – 10/10
  • Canvas Printing Customization – 9/10
  • Canvas Prints Online Customer Service – 9/10
  • Canvas Print Company Shipping – 8/10
  • Canvas Printing Pricing – 10/10

About CanvasChamp Print Company

Printing on canvas is an easy method to add visual appeal to your walls and completely change the feel of a place. Here is where CanvasChamp, one of the best budget-friendly canvas print businesses, comes in.

CanvasChamp gives you the freedom to create a one-of-a-kind product by selecting from a wide range of dimensions, substrates, and designs, at an affordable rate. In addition to providing high-quality prints in a variety of shapes, sizes, and formats, they also provide you the option of adding custom wording to your canvas when you’re placing your order.

These high-quality canvas prints will blow you away, bringing your images to life in ways you never imagined possible with their vivid colors and crisp details at such a competitive rate. You don’t have to take our word for it, though; CanvasChamp has received nothing but praise from customers for the quality of their customer care and the speed and reliability of their shipment.

Despite their cheap rates, they continue to use hardwood frames rather than cardboard boxes with canvas affixed to them.

Canvas Champ is also an excellent commercial option since it gives you the option to drop ship your prints directly to your customers, saving you time and money on both storage and transport.


  • Each canvas print is backed by a 99-year guarantee.
  • They provide one of the widest selections of canvas artwork
  • Offers Worldwide Shipping
  • Regularly offers discounts
  • 5% off sitewide on first order


  • Free shipping starts at $100 orders

3. Best Quality Canvas Prints for Professionals— Printique Canvas Print Company

Printique Canvas Print Company

Selection Criteria

  • Quality of Canvas Prints – 10/10
  • Canvas Printing Customization – 10/10
  • Canvas Prints Online Customer Service – 9/10
  • Canvas Print Company Shipping – 7/10
  • Canvas Printing Pricing – 9/10

About Printique Canvas Print Company

Printique is the place to go if you need a canvas print for commercial purposes or a gallery show, as they use printing processes and materials worthy of a museum to create canvases that are as beautiful as they are durable.

Printique, one of the leading online canvas print services, uses only cotton for their canvas. In addition, they print with inks that are designed to last a very long time without fading or changing color, so your canvas print will continue to look great even after years have passed, making the end result an attractive reflection of your brand.

You can make canvas prints that are a true reflection of you and your company, your own style, and an attractive addition to any environment with the help of their customizable sizes and framing choices. Due to their user-friendly website and careful packaging, purchasing from Printique is the simplest method to get a high-quality canvas print sent quickly.

Printique’s pricing is a bit steep, but you get what you pay for, and it’s sometimes preferable to spend on higher-quality prints once rather than risk having to buy again because of poor quality or sloppy workmanship.


  • Easy canvas prints
  • Commercial grade inks designed for gallery level results
  • Variety of canvas print sizes, as well as custom options
  • Easy to use photo editing software


  • Steep price point
  • International shipping only via third party companies

4. Best Gallery Quality Canvas Prints—CanvasHQ Print Company

CanvasHQ Print Company

Selection Criteria

  • Quality of Canvas Prints – 10/10
  • Canvas Printing Customization -9/10
  • Canvas Prints Online Customer Service – 10/10
  • Canvas Print Company Shipping – 9/10
  • Canvas Printing Pricing – 8/10

About CanvasHQ Print Company

If you’re looking for high-quality prints that will give your walls new meaning, go no farther than CanvasHQ, one of the industry leaders in this space. Established in 2009, this printing powerhouse has quickly become the go-to for photographers, artists, designers, and interior decorators in need of high-quality, one-of-a-kind wall displays.

CanvasHQ uses cutting-edge printing equipment and a team of experts with decades of combined expertise to ensure high-quality prints every time. Those working behind the scenes at this family-run firm give careful consideration to each and every photograph that is submitted to them. They will usually provide you with advice on how to improve your order for the finest print presentation possible with their digital proof. Their customer service is above and beyond that of any other canvas printer.

What sets them apart from the rest is their high-quality printing, vivid colors, and meticulous craftsmanship. Prints from CanvasHQ are designed to survive thanks to the company’s use of archival-quality canvas and fade-resistant dyes.

Customers can personalize their purchases in a variety of ways, including by selecting a gallery-wrapped border, a glossy or matte finish, or a custom frame that is tailored to their specific tastes and budget. CanvasHQ’s meticulous craftsmanship and individualized approach to each order guarantee 100% client satisfaction.

The ordering process with CanvasHQ was also quite straightforward and quick. You can expect to receive free digital proofs of your order within a day or two, and the website is simple to use. The turnaround time for a finished canvas from the time you give the go-ahead might be as low as a week. Furthermore, all hanging hardware for quick installation will be included.

If you want to turn your walls into pieces of art, CanvasHQ is a company you can trust because of its dedication to providing high-quality prints.


  • Best canvas print services for professionals
  • Museum quality canvas prints
  • Large canvas print options
  • Water resistant oil painting effects


  • Steep price point

5. Best Canvas Prints for International Shipping—Social Print Studio

Social Print Studio

Selection Criteria

  • Quality of Canvas Prints -8/10
  • Canvas Printing Customization -8/10
  • Canvas Prints Online Customer Service – 9/10
  • Canvas Print Company Shipping – 10/10
  • Canvas Printing Pricing – 7/10

About Social Print Studio

Social Print Studio is your one-stop shop for worldwide shipping and custom printing services, so you can be sure to send your gift to family overseas without worries. If you want your images or designs printed on high-quality canvas materials, they’re a great option to explore. You can be certain that you will receive a canvas print that you will love and treasure for years to come, thanks to their attention to detail and dedication to using only the best materials.

The firm caters to customers all around the world by providing just one type of canvas finish with museum-quality archival inks which are permanent, non-fading, resistant to light, heat, and water, and contain no contaminants.

Canvas prints are just one of the many custom printing services they provide; other options include picture books, posters, miniature canvases, mini prints, and small photo albums, allowing you to make one-of-a-kind items for yourself or as gifts for friends and family.

The built-in photo editing program at Social Print Studios is quite user-friendly, with a straightforward upload process with a wrap prominently displayed at each step. And if you ever get stuck, you can rely on the helpful and kind support staff.

Its straightforward app, website, and ordering system mean you can get your personalized wall art quickly. To be honest, there is a significant lack of personalization in terms of finish, backing, mounting methods, and size options, however, they ship globally and take great care to safeguard your cargo throughout transit.


  • Best canvas print services for international shipping
  • Easy canvas print services online as the staff is very friendly and eager to help
  • High canvas quality


  • Lack of panoramic canvas print
  • Lack of a wide variety of printing options

6. Honorable Mention –  Custom Canvas Prints—Shutterfly Print Company

Shutterfly Print Company

Selection Criteria

  • Quality of Canvas Prints – 9/10
  • Canvas Printing Customization – 10/10
  • Canvas Prints Online Customer Service – 10/10
  • Canvas Print Company Shipping – 10/10
  • Canvas Printing Pricing – 9/10

About Shutterfly Print Company

Shutterfly has emerged as one of the best canvas print service suppliers in the market and a leading contender in the highly competitive sector of digital printing services.

Users can simply choose the right fit for their walls from a variety of frame types, materials, and sizes available. Canvas prints from Shutterfly radiate refinement and are likely to complement the decor of your home or business. The user-friendly interface of Shutterfly makes it simple to upload your photos and choose the perfect frame. Whether you select their single, triptych, or quad format, the end product is of the highest quality.

An in-house team of professionals, then, inspects each print to ensure it meets their rigorous production standards. Shutterfly offers flexibility and on-time delivery, whether you need a customized print or standard size.

When it comes to picture canvases, Shutterfly can boast that it has many of the same strengths as its competitors, as they offer a slick, clear layout that makes it simple to access information and place orders. In reality, the process of generating an order just took us a few minutes.

Shutterfly even provides a 3D preview before placing an order. This gives customers confidence in what they’ll receive before they place any orders.


  • Easy ordering process
  • Wide range of custom sizes
  • High-quality canvas prints
  •  Personalized canvas print experience
  • Can work with even medium image resolution


  • Extra edits are made to improve the image quality, which is not always agreed upon by the customer


The best canvas print company is the one that makes ordering canvas prints online a fun, easy experience, and the reality is that you can’t beat the service and quality of the printing process of Pictorem.

For high-end fine art, however, you can’t go wrong with the gallery-quality textured canvas of Printique.

Several new print businesses have sprung up in response to the growing demand for canvas prints, and they are all vying for your business by offering better quality products and more attentive service. Canvas print allows you to print everything from family photographs to abstract art.

We hope you found our analysis of the top canvas print companies of 2023 to be helpful. Consult our associated guides for further sources of comparable items for the artistic lifestyle.

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