The 6 Best Custom Photo Puzzle Companies in 2023

best custom photo puzzleSome claim that revisiting memories frequently is the greatest way to make them last. There is no better way to achieve this than by creating and gifting a personalized puzzle of your favorite memory together, to your loved ones. Consider spending time with your child finishing a puzzle depicting your favorite moment together, a puzzle they can keep forever.

Customized gifts are also a terrific way to show loved ones how much you appreciate them.

For many years, giving a custom photo puzzle has been a tried and true tradition. A photo puzzle, which can be used as a keepsake for yourself, is also a popular purchase. When you order a personalized picture puzzle, you can select whatever art image you like, and the firm will create the pieces for you.

custom photo puzzle

Custom photo puzzles can be enjoyed as a group activity as well. They will appeal to people of all ages and may be presented as thoughtful gifts for any occasion.

We studied a number of brands that aid clients in supplying personalized image puzzles in order to ensure that you find the correct brand for your needs. We chose the providers based on their consistently positive evaluations, competitive prices, great craftsmanship, and helpful customer service. We took these into consideration because we know that when making a purchase, customers are more likely to stick with a well-established company.

Selection Criteria for the Best Custom Photo Puzzle 2023—Buying Guide

Puzzle Quality:

Businesses that invest in high-quality printing equipment and supplies will produce puzzles that look great and last for a long time. Nonetheless, regardless of the materials used to create it, testing the jigsaw puzzle’s resistance to folding, moderate falls, and pressure is a good measure of its quality.

Puzzle Cut:

If you’ve assembled your jigsaw puzzle correctly, each piece should have its own distinct feel. Ideally, there would be no loose threads or awkward gaps, and the finish should be smooth and polished. There needs to be an effortless “click” to the interlocking. Only a really sharp die can make these kinds of cuts.

Puzzle Size:

Adults of any age can benefit from playing with a small or medium-sized puzzle, while younger children can benefit from a large-sized problem. In contrast, large-scale puzzles are enjoyable for people of all ages when tackled in teams. When deciding which puzzle is good for you, it is always best when a company offers you options of the number of pieces involved, so you can further customize it according to people’s age.

Piece Thickness:

Foldability of a jigsaw puzzle can be judged by its thickness. The greater the thickness of the material, the more robust the parts will be. So when holding the individual pieces in your hand, it is always good if they are not easily bent.

Image Quality:

Glare in an image is caused by light reflecting off of individual jigsaw pieces. During playing, this reflected light could be bothersome to the eyes and make it difficult to focus on the details of each individual piece. While it probably won’t cause any permanent damage to your eyes, it could diminish your enjoyment of figuring things out.

Top Product Recommendations for the Best Custom Photo Puzzle 2023

  1. Overall Best Custom Photo Puzzles: CanvasChamp
  2. Most Longlasting Custom Photo Puzzles: Pictorem
  3. Best Custom Puzzle for All Occasions: Zazzle
  4. Largest Collection of Custom Photo Puzzles: Shuttlefly
  5. Best Four-Hand Octopus Piece Custom Photo Puzzles: Amlion
  6. Best Budget Custom Photo Puzzles: Puzzle You

1. Overall Best Custom Photo Puzzles—CanvasChamp

Canvas Champ

Selection Criteria

  • Puzzle Quality – 9/10
  • Puzzle Cut – 9/10
  • Puzzle Size – 8/10
  • Puzzle Thickness – 10/10
  • Image Quality – 9/10

About CanvasChamp

CanvasChamp places a premium on durability, which is why their puzzle parts are sturdy and well-supported; this allows for endless disassembly and reassembly with almost zero wear and tear.
These puzzles can be found in a variety of shapes, including a square, a circle, a heart, and a rectangle, with sizes ranging from 4×6 to 48×48 inches, so there’s something for everyone. The number of pieces in a puzzle can range from six to 1,000.
There is a storage box that comes with these personalized puzzles, and any number of photographs and text can be used to create your personalized gift. These products are good for kids above the age of three, however, because of the range in complexity and component count.
The overall quality of the finished custom jigsaw puzzle is rather impressive, with vivid colors and secure mounting. Be sure to leave a bigger margin around the picture you use, as Canvas Champ tends to overcrop images.


  • High-quality portrait puzzles
  • Can create collage of your favorite memories
  • Comes with a storage box


  • Not many customization options, more like traditional puzzles
  • Cropping your favorite photos may create issues with the final product

2. Most Longlasting Custom Photo Puzzles—Pictorem


Selection Criteria

  • Puzzle Quality – 9/10
  • Puzzle Cut – 9/10
  • Puzzle Size – 10/10
  • Puzzle Thickness – 9/10
  • Image Quality – 10/10

About Pictorem 

If you’re looking for a personalized puzzle that checks all the boxes, Pictorem is a good place to start. Please keep in mind that this site is not intended for professionals, but it does provide choices for people who want to create puzzles for their loved ones and are looking for professional-level results.

The ordering options, while limited in number, are simple and uncomplicated. You can set the overall size of the puzzle and the backdrop color based on the pre-determined design; that’s all. Next you upload the image and pay.

The overall quality of the final product is amazing, both in color and thickness, especially considering that this store does not specialize in puzzles, but in all types of collectibles. The parts snap together effortlessly and are sharp enough to cling together, so you know when you’ve put the right piece in the right spot.

Nevertheless, the packing options did not impress us, so if you intend to gift this item, plan ahead for gift wrapping options.

Let’s not forget that Pictorem is also known for its deals, so if you keep an eye on their website, you might even catch a good one for your holiday gifts.


  • Straightforward process to create and buy custom puzzle
  • Good size selection
  • Excellent customer service
  • Special deals


  • Packaging options are lacking

3. Best Custom Puzzle for All Occasions—Zazzle


Selection Criteria

  • Puzzle Quality – 10/10
  • Puzzle Cut – 7/10
  • Puzzle Size – 10/10
  • Puzzle Thickness – 10/10
  • Image Quality – 8/10

About Zazzle

If you are looking to present a custom photo puzzle as part of your marriage proposal, birthday wishes, or even to ask your best friend to become your bridesmaid, then it is high time you looked into Zazzle. Puzzles from this company may lack in some areas, but they offer a great selection of specialized ideas for almost any occasion.

Overall, the pieces were crafted from a sturdy cardboard that, at first touch, was slick and solid enough to be mistaken for plastic. Even after heavy use, the printed picture did not detach from the paper. However, they were a bit tricky to put together because of their high sheen, which reflected everything.

The pieces of Zazzle fit together loosely, making it impossible to carry more than one at once and difficult to reposition larger chunks, so be prepared to buy additional puzzle glue or puzzle backing paper if you aim for a permanent arrangement. Yet, the design was so well printed, that there was little doubt about which parts went where, therefore there were few mismatches. The shapes of the pieces varied enough to make it a good but not insurmountable challenge to find the appropriate one to fit.

What set this company apart was the fact that there was hardly any dust on the pieces. When putting it together, it was clear that the manufacturer takes the time to cut and clean the pieces so there is no mess left behind.


  • High quality puzzles
  • Firm backing
  • Wide variety of piece count


  • Puzzle pieces did not snap
  • High sheen tires the eyes

4. Largest Collection of Custom Photo Puzzles—Shutterfly


Selection Criteria

  • Puzzle Quality – 10/10
  • Puzzle Cut – 8/10
  • Puzzle Size – 9/10
  • Puzzle Thickness – 9/10
  • Image Quality – 9/10

About Shutterfly

Sometimes a mainstream puzzle just won’t rise to the occasion, and this is where Shutterfly comes in. Options such as a heart-shaped or round puzzle may give the extra attention to your gift, as needed.

When first receiving your custom puzzle, it comes with a gift box, where the lid depicts the finished product. The pieces are properly separated, unlike most of its competitors, which offer a jumble of interconnected parts and jigsaw dust.

This set is of very good quality. There is a white back to the thickly packed cardboard, and the pieces do not have any layer separation at all. The images are of flawless quality and have no signs of pixelation, either. However, due to the shine factor, fingerprints are easy to show on the final product, so be aware that you may need to clean it when it is done. Keep in mind that, Shutterfly does not offer a matte or textured option, so there is no way around the fingerprint situation.

Traditional puzzle pieces have four tabs or slots, and all of these pieces have those as well. At first glance, it appears that each part had its own distinct shape, but the tabs and slots are all the same size, making it simple to fit the wrong piece, especially in the spots where the color and pattern were the same, even though the pieces look different. Some pieces, especially those with the colored background, seemed to be interchangeable as well.

Yet what set this site apart was, albeit hard to find, the official Disney background options it offers, so you can create custom puzzles for your family fun in Disneyland.


  • Official Disney themes, great for kids personalized photo puzzle
  • Can make use of multiple photos for a collage puzzle
  • Options to create a storage box with your favorite image


  • No matte finish
  • Interchangeable piece shapes

5. Best Four-Hand Octopus Piece Custom Photo Puzzles—Amlion


Selection Criteria

  • Puzzle Quality – 10/10
  • Puzzle Cut – 8/10
  • Puzzle Size – 8/10
  • Puzzle Thickness – 10/10
  • Image Quality – 9/10

About Amlion

If you want to order your own custom puzzle from Amazon, Amlion is a good store to visit. This store is known for their wooden four-hand octopus piece production, which is especially fun for seasoned puzzlers.

You can create your personalized jigsaw puzzle in 300, 500, and 1000 pieces, handcrafted from sustainable, natural wood. The overall quality of the finished product was rather impressive, but as the manufacturer underlines, the puzzle scales up the image you’ve submitted, so the result is only as good as the original.

This is a premium personalized jigsaw puzzle that not only comes with a printed box but it also features a square wooden structure that holds the separated pieces while you complete the image.

Customers seem to complain that all the pieces have been cut at the same shape and size, which makes it hard to complete the puzzle; yet, the four-hand octopus piece design does just that. However, in order for the manufacturer to help, they may have left clues on the back of the pieces.


  • High-quality materials
  • Unique puzzle made out of wood
  • Great gift for a special occasion


  • Difficult for beginners, as all pieces hold the same shape
  • Some pieces may not be cut all the way through

6. Best Budget Custom Photo Puzzles—Puzzle You

Puzzle you

Custom Photo Puzzle Selection Criteria

  • Puzzle Quality – 10/10
  • Puzzle Cut – 8/10
  • Puzzle Size – 9/10
  • Puzzle Thickness – 10/10
  • Image Quality – 10/10

About Puzzle You

Puzzle You offers a wide range of sizes and finishes to meet all of your requirements for affordable custom jigsaw puzzles. The finished product is packaged in a gift box with all of the pieces separated. All you have to do is upload an image and choose a puzzle size between 48 to 2000 pieces.

This company even allows you to purchase custom jigsaw puzzle vouchers to gift to family members so they can print either artwork, a family portrait, or even their beloved pet, which is very handy during the holiday season.

Despite their low price tag, the site allows for a collection of over 100 templates to pick from, while the overall quality is remarkable. So you can go ahead and make a photo puzzle with as many images and text as you like without worrying about the final price.


  • Gives the option to buy a frame for your picture puzzles
  • Low price tag
  • Simply upload your image, and everything else is done automatically


  • Customer service is a little hard to communicate with

Conclusion—The Best Custom Photo Puzzle 2023

Overall we found the best custom photo puzzle company is CanvasChamp.  We’ve found it’s the best for the widest range of factors, including affordability.  However, each of these businesses allows you to personalize your own custom photo puzzle that the recipient may keep and enjoy for years to come.

If you’re a seasoned dissectologist, you might want to check out Amlion, which sells hardwood puzzles with identical in form and size parts. On the other hand, if you want to make your own photo puzzle to create a unique keepsake for you and yours, Zazzle has the widest selection of goods that should meet your needs.

We hope you found our analysis of the top custom photo puzzle of 2023 to be helpful. Consult our associated guides for further sources of comparable items for the artistic lifestyle.

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