The 7 Best Glue Guns for Crafts in 2024

Best Overall

Gorilla Dual Temp

Sketchbooks for Markers1
A versatile and reliable craft glue gun with dual temperature settings for a range of applications.
Best Low-Temperature

AdTech Ultra Low-Temp

Sketchbooks for Markers1 (2)
Ideal for delicate materials, this glue gun offers a safe, ultra low-temperature option for sensitive crafting projects.
Best High Temperature

Surebonder Cordless

Sketchbooks for Markers1 (3)
A high-temperature, cordless glue gun providing strong adhesion and flexibility for heavy-duty crafting needs.

Best Glue Guns for Crafts

Just like a paintbrush or chisel is an essential instrument for artists, a glue gun is an essential tool for crafters. Particularly, as crafting develops with new materials and methods, its significance will only grow. With the correct glue gun, even the most tedious task may be turned into a fun and easy experience. This in-depth guide explores the top glue guns for crafts in 2024, selected to cater to a wide range of needs, preferences, and creative situations.

A number of important factors, including temperature control, ergonomics, safety features, and compatibility with glue sticks, should be considered when choosing the ideal glue gun. How well the glue gun works and what kind of crafts it’s good for are both heavily influenced by each of these factors. When working with materials that are sensitive to handling, it is essential to have control over the temperature of the glue gun to ensure that the heat is both precise and consistent. Like the ergonomic design, which prioritizes control and precision over comfort, this tool will revolutionize your creating experience.

A glue gun has several possible uses in the crafting world. It is essential in carpentry and costume design, two demanding crafts, and scrapbooking, an art form that requires precision and little mess. Yet, there is a unique set of difficulties associated with each crafting situation. For instance, a costume designer may be frustrated by a glue gun’s stick that doesn’t attach strongly enough to materials or takes too long to heat up, while a scrapbooker may struggle with a glue gun that is too big or doesn’t have a fine tip for accuracy.

Options that meet such requirements will be covered in this guide. Whether you’re an experienced crafter in the market for an upgrade or just starting out and in search of your first glue gun, we’ve got you covered with our roundup of the best glue guns for crafts of 2024.

As we explore these choices, we will think about how each glue gun works in different kinds of creative situations, like classrooms, professional art installations, and do-it-yourself projects around the house. The objective is to provide you with the necessary information to select a glue gun that fulfills your current requirements and elevates your creative experience in general.

We have also compiled firsthand stories and tips from seasoned crafters and educators to bring these insights to life. Their experience, gained over years of using glue guns, will provide you with unique viewpoints to help you make an informed decision.

What follows is an in-depth analysis of each suggested glue gun, with an emphasis on its features, benefits, and limitations. Keep reading for a comprehensive review of the top glue guns of 2024, where functionality, power, and accuracy come together to simplify and delight your creative endeavors.

Mastering the Craft: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Use a Glue Gun Effectively

Being proficient with a glue gun is an art form in and of itself, as it facilitates and improves the quality of many craft tasks. To do this, first, you must familiarize yourself with the glue gun’s heating settings, trigger, nozzle, and stand to use it properly.

Before anything else, check that you have the correct glue sticks on hand. These are available in a wide range of sizes and varieties, including material-specific options. If the glue gun already has a partially used stick inside, just slide the new one in behind it. Then, turn on your glue gun and wait for it to heat up, which usually doesn’t take long. Some models even have indicators that show you when they’re ready to use.

Make sure the glue flows well on scraps after it’s heated. You can test the glue’s flow rate and the trigger’s sensitivity with this trial run. If you want to avoid glue buildup on your product, gently pull the trigger while keeping the gun moving. To speed up the setting time of glue, press and hold the surfaces together as soon as you apply it.

Mastering the temperature controls of a glue gun is essential for its efficient use. For more delicate materials, use a lower temperature setting; for harder materials, such as metal or wood, use a higher setting to achieve stronger bonding. Glue guns with fine-tip nozzles allow for more precise work when dealing with intricate details. Don’t forget to put the gun on its stand, ideally one with a drip pad, so that glue doesn’t drip when you pause.

Here, we need to underline that when working with a glue gun, safety must always come first. In particular, you should never leave a plugged-in tool alone in a room where children are present. As some adhesives release fumes when heated, it is also important to use protective gear, such as gloves, to avoid burns and to always use them in a well-ventilated area.

Selection Criteria for the Top Glue Gun for Crafts in 2024—Buying Guide

A glue gun’s performance and suitability for various crafts are greatly affected by a number of important elements, including its temperature control, ergonomics, safety features, and compatibility with glue sticks. When dealing with materials that are delicate to the touch, these considerations take on further significance.

Types of Glue Guns and Temperature Control

There is a wide variety of glue guns available to meet the demands and tastes of crafters, do-it-yourselfers, and even some professionals; deciding on the type of product you buy, however, depends on your understanding of what each type can offer you.

Low-Temperature Guns: Glue guns that run at lower temperatures, usually around 250°F, are known as low-temperature glue guns. When working with thin fabrics, florals, or lightweight plastics, they are perfect because higher temps could ruin the material. Additionally, they are less dangerous for kids and beginners to use when supervised.

High-Temperature Guns: For materials that need a stronger adhesive, such as metal, thicker plastics, or wood, you can use a glue gun that operates at temperatures about 380°F or higher. For more substantial craft and professional tasks, high-temperature glue guns are the way to go.

Dual Temperature Guns: Switchable between low and high temperatures, dual-temperature glue guns provide the best of both worlds. They can handle anything from delicate crafts to more challenging do-it-yourself jobs because of their adaptability.

Corded Guns: The majority of glue guns are corded models that can only be charged by plugging them into an electrical socket. While they often provide a steady stream of power, the cord can restrict your movement.

Cordless Guns: As they are not connected to an electrical outlet, cordless glue guns provide greater mobility. They either run on batteries or have a charging station. If you need to be mobile for your project or are working in an area without easy access to power outlets, a cordless model is your best bet.

Mini Glue Guns: For delicate, complicated work, a mini glue gun is the way to go. Due to their low temperature, mini glue guns are great for arts and hobbies that involve fragile materials.


The glue gun’s design should put the user’s control and comfort first. Due to its form, an ergonomic glue gun fits snugly in the hand, minimizing hand strain even after prolonged use.

With features including an easy-to-press trigger, a well-balanced design, and a stable stand, you can craft with greater control and precision. When working with fine motor abilities, such as in complex tasks, this becomes extremely vital.

Safety Features

Due to the high temperatures that glue guns can achieve, safety features are of the utmost importance. To avoid burns, look for nozzles that are insulated, stands to elevate the nozzle off surfaces, and an automated shutoff mechanism to avoid overheating. These characteristics are especially important in areas where the glue gun could be used by beginners or even kids.

Glue Stick Size

You might not be able to use all kinds of glue sticks with some glue guns because they’re only made for certain kinds (full-size, small, specialty adhesive, etc.).

The adaptability and use of a glue gun in the creation process are greatly affected by each of these elements. From delicate tasks like scrapbooking to more substantial ones like carpentry, a glue gun with an ergonomic design, strong safety features, and a temperature control knob will be ideal for a variety of crafts tasks. Picking a glue gun that improves your creating experience while being safe and efficient requires careful consideration of these elements.

Top Product Recommendations for the Best Glue Gun for Crafts 2024

  1. Best Overall Hot Glue Gun for Crafts: Gorilla Dual Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun Kit
  2. Best Low-Temperature Glue Guns: AdTech Ultra Low-Temp Glue Gun
  3. Best High-Temperature Glue Guns: Surebonder Cordless Hot Glue Gun
  4. Best Dual Temperature Glue Guns: Cricut Glue Gun Bundle Kit
  5. Best Corded Glue Guns: Arrow Fastener Glue Gun Kit
  6. Best Cordless Glue Guns: GoGonova Cordless Hot Glue Gun
  7. Best Mini Glue Guns: Elmer’s Craft Bond Mini Hot Glue Gun

1. Best Overall Hot Glue Gun for Crafts—Gorilla Dual Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun Kit

Gorilla Dual Temp Mini Glue Gun

Selection Criteria

  • Type of Glue Gun – Dual temp glue gun
  • Ergonomics –  10/10
  • Stick Type – 10/10
  • Safety Features – 10/10

About The Gorilla Dual Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun Kit

Any level of crafter can benefit from the multipurpose and time-saving Gorilla dual-temperature mini hot glue gun kit. Having the ability to vary between low and high heat settings allows the user to deal with a wide range of materials, from fragile fabrics that need softer temperatures to harder materials like plastic and wood that require hotter temperatures to form a firm connection.

Unlike most glue guns, this model stands out due to its precision nozzle, which allows for glue application with little mess; this design aspect is very useful, especially for intricate craft projects.  “Love the glue gun. Like how it moves with me. Heats up fast, is easy to use, and has a precision tip, which is a must for a crafter!” commented a long-term user. The quick squeeze trigger further adds to the user-friendliness by minimizing hand fatigue even after extended use. For artists working on complex projects that call for consistent glue application or those who enjoy lengthy crafting sessions, this is a must-have feature.

The kit’s improved safety features make it a solid pick for places where people value safety, like classrooms or households with kids. The stability provided by the glue gun’s built-in stand and large base keep it from toppling over, protecting users from burns and spillage.

In addition, the Gorilla hot glue sticks that come with the kit are resistant to the elements, so you can use them for crafts both indoors and out. “I have noticed that the Gorilla Glue sticks are of higher quality than my previous brand; glad I picked up an extra bag of 75 of them,” added an experienced crafter. With a 45-second working period and compatibility with both low and high-temperature settings, crafters may take their time adjusting and positioning materials. Crafts that are subject to handling or environmental elements require glue with impact hardness to provide a long-lasting adhesion. “I know that glue sticks are probably all made in the same factory somewhere, but I swear that these work better than generic brands. The application seemed smoother, and I had fewer strings of glue when pulling back after applying it. The cost wasn’t much different either, so I will definitely keep purchasing these!” explained another knowledgeable source.


  • The kit includes an extra bag of glue sticks (30)
  • Gun’s nozzle is aimed at precision crafting
  • Compatible with many different types of material
  • Even in outdoor projects, the Gorilla glue stick forms a strong binding


  • There have been some issues reported with the glue flowing after prolonged (past the five-hour mark) use

2. Best Low-Temperature Glue Guns—AdTech Ultra Low-Temp Glue Gun

Ad Tech Ultra Low Temp Glue Gun

Selection Criteria

  • Type of Glue Gun – Low-temperature glue gun
  • Ergonomics –  9/10
  • Stick Type – 9/10
  • Safety Features – 10/10

About The AdTech Ultra Low-Temp Glue Gun

The AdTech Ultra Low-Temp glue gun is a top choice among low-temperature options, especially in crafting settings requiring a delicate touch or involving young crafters. Adhesive Tech, a firm known for its unique solutions in the adhesive market, designed this glue gun based on 25 years of expertise.

The operating temperature of this mini glue gun is 75° cooler than that of normal glue guns. This greatly decreases the risk of burns, making it an ideal choice for use by kids -always under supervision- in classroom settings or for rainy-day crafts projects at home. A recent review from a delighted crafter further explained, “I have had hot glue guns in the past, but have been afraid to allow my under 12 year old grandchildren to use them. I searched and read reviews and finally decided to purchase this one. Great product. It warmed up pretty quickly and stayed warm throughout its use. The kids enjoyed being able to glue with it and not have to worry about getting burned – yes, the glue is rather warm when it leaves the gun, and the tip is hot, but the burning issue is minimized.”

This Adtech glue gun sports a compact size and lightweight construction, indicating that it is specifically built for little hands, which makes it easy for students and young crafters to use, boosting their making experience by providing a tool that is both safe and simple to use. Its design promotes safety without sacrificing efficiency, which is critical when creating tools for beginners. “I’m an elementary Art teacher. This works great in my classes. Even after all the warnings to not touch the glue, I hear, “Hey, that didn’t burn me” Yep, that’s why I bought this one! I feel safe using it in my classes,” an enthusiastic customer shared.

This corded small glue gun provides steady performance without the need for battery changes or recharging. It runs on six volts of power and maintains a cool temperature even after extended use. The simplicity of the glue gun’s functioning adds to its ease of use, making it suitable for both youngsters and adults.

It should be noted that this glue gun is only compatible with mini AdTech Cool Glue glue sticks. This specialization provides excellent performance, but users must purchase particular glue sticks that are compatible with this model. Also, “because it doesn’t become as hot as other glue guns, the glue seems to dry more quickly, so one really has to be swift. After you apply the glue to a small area, immediately attach it, then proceed with the next small area. “


  • Best hot glue gun for beginners, kids, or even craft lesson studios, as the glue can stay cool to the touch
  • Enough heating power for small projects
  • Great option for small items around the craft room


  • Flip-down stand is a little flimsy
  • Low-temperature glue sticks solely from its own brand are recommended

3. Best High-Temperature Glue Guns—Surebonder Cordless Hot Glue Gun

Surebonder Cordless Hot Glue Gun

Selection Criteria

  • Type of Glue Gun – High-temperature glue gun
  • Ergonomics –  10/10
  • Stick Type – 10/10
  • Safety Features – 9/10

About The Surebonder Cordless Hot Glue Gun

Among high-temperature glue guns, the Surebonder specialty CL-800F series stands out as a cutting-edge adaptable tool. This hot glue gun further revolutionizes the crafting game with its two-minute cordless operation. With this function, you can move around more easily, which is perfect for big tasks or when you’re in a place without a nearby power source.

Crafters who need to move around should find this flexibility handy. The glue gun also has an easy-to-return-to-corded-mode feature that allows for extended use and uninterrupted work.

The CL-800F is a high-temperature glue gun that excels at working with a wide range of materials used in crafting, including metals, wood, ceramics, and leather. “I used it to put laminated posters up in the hallway on concrete walls. It comes right off when I took them down, and the glue on the laminate scraped right off with my fingernails,” described a teacher who uses it often around her school.

Another useful characteristic of this heavy-duty glue gun is that it is compatible with regular-diameter full-size glue sticks. With a wide range of options, including colorful and sparkly varieties, crafters will surely find the perfect glue stick for their projects.

Also, people who want a tidy work area will appreciate the incorporated non-stick glue pad. This function is useful for containing and preventing spillage so the workspace remains clean and organized. “It has the power base attached to a holder with a slick pad under the tip of the glue gun. You have to use the thing to understand how useful this is. Do you know how you always have to put something under your glue gun in case it drips? You don’t with this one. If it does drip, it hits the slick pad. Once the drop has cooled, you can easily peel the glue off.”

Finally, if you’re a crafter in search of a high-temperature glue gun that can manage a wide range of materials and is cordless, this one might just do the trick. According to a five-star review, the Surebonder glue gun “heats up very quickly and also cools down quickly, allowing you to use it on a project and then quickly store it away.”


  • Cordless hot glue gun for added convenience
  • Built-in stand makes cleaning a breeze, thanks to its silicone pad
  • Larger size means more options for glue sticks to enhance your project


  • Lacks a temperature light to notify you of the exact temperature
  • Sometimes it is hard to remove from the base for cordless use

4. Best Dual Temperature Glue Guns—Cricut Glue Gun Bundle Kit

Circut Glue Gun Bundle Kit

Selection Criteria

  • Type of Glue Gun – Mini size dual temp glue gun
  • Ergonomics –  10/10
  • Stick Type – 9/10
  • Safety Features – 9/10

About The Cricut Glue Gun Bundle Kit

If you’re a crafter looking for a dual-temperature glue gun that offers precision, control, and adaptability, the Cricut glue gun kit may be the way to go. Not only does this set come with a dual-temperature glue gun, but it also has extras that make crafting easier and much more exciting.

With its dual-temperature flexibility, the Cricut glue gun can be used effectively with a variety of materials. It can handle metal, plastic, glass, and wood, as well as softer ones like fabric, jewelry, and flower arrangements. Having the ability to transition between high and low temperatures effortlessly is really useful for crafters who work on a variety of projects.

Comfort and control are also paramount when working with fine details, and this small, ergonomically built glue gun provides just that. It is easy to apply glue in thin lines, small dots, and tight places thanks to the ergonomic trigger and small diameter tip, which are specifically developed for precision. Paper crafts, ribbons, and home repair jobs that require a high degree of precision will be a breeze to complete.

A cleaner work area and improved safety are two benefits of using the Cricut glue gun, which is characterized by its capacity to lessen glue drips, strings, and backflow. For added peace of mind, the glue gun has a silicone-coated tip and an auto-off function. Also, having an LED light that shows when the glue is hot and ready to use is a great safety feature that eliminates guesswork.

The package comes with a balanced number of extras, which include three Cricut mini glue sticks, two packs of 30 Cricut mini dual temp glue sticks, and an eBook with project tutorials and inspiration called the Cricut Card and Paper Guide. With this all-inclusive kit, you can jump right into a variety of projects.


  • Good glue gun for a wide variety of projects (even larger projects can benefit)
  • No need for YouTube videos, as the Cricut card and paper guide offers detailed instructions and ideas on how to use this machine
  • Heating light indicates when it is hot enough to start gluing


  • Steep price point, mostly based on the brand name. You could get two glue guns of a generic brand for the same price.

5. Best Corded Glue Guns—Arrow Fastener Glue Gun Kit

Arrow Fastener Heavy Duty Glue Gun

Selection Criteria

  • Type of Glue Gun – Corded high-temperature glue gun
  • Ergonomics –  8/10
  • Stick Type – 9/10
  • Safety Features – 8/10

About The Arrow Fastener Glue Gun Kit

When paired with Arrow AP5 all-purpose ½ inch glue sticks, the Arrow Fastener 300-Watt heavy-duty professional glue gun is an efficient and powerful option for professional installs, complex upholstery, and large-scale home repair jobs. “A little larger and longer than most, but this gun will not let you down. I use it in construction and love it!” verified a professional user.

Compatible with this glue gun are the Arrow AP5 all-purpose glue sticks, which come included in this package deal. Among the many materials that can be worked with these sticks are ceramics, metal, canvas, leather, cardboard, plastics, and wood. Plus, you can get more done in less time when using these sticks, as they are known to cure in 30 to 60 seconds. Crafters, even professional ones, can get their ideas rolling without having to rush out and get more supplies because the six-pack of sticks in the kit is more than enough for a large number of uses.

“A great hot melt glue gun that heats up quickly and does the job. Plus no drip!” is how a satisfied customer described it. This glue gun’s 300W heating capacity allows it to heat up rapidly, ensuring high temperature for excellent bonding. It is a great tool for professional and heavy-duty jobs because of its rapid heating capability, which is especially useful for applications that demand a steady stream of glue without waiting for reheating.

The glue gun comes with an insulated safety nozzle that won’t drip and an adjustment knob that lets you fine-tune the application. These parts make it easy to apply glue precisely, whether it’s in the form of tiny dots or long, uniform lines. “I have seen no dripping from the gun. The gun can dispense large amounts or small amounts of glue, depending on the trigger pull. Happy with the purchase,” explained a professional user. For complex professional tasks or sophisticated craft projects, this degree of control is essential.

Designed to be more user-friendly, the enlarged nose makes it easier to access tight places and hard-to-reach corners, which is useful for jobs like construction and upholstery. Among the glue guns tested, this was one of the best hot glue guns for professional use.


  • 300W offers temperatures for a strong bond even in wood material
  • This glue gun offers all the options for professional, prolonged use
  • Handy tools for crafting, but also for construction work


  • Glue gun features for protection against burns are lacking compared to other features it offers

6. Best Cordless Glue Guns—GoGonova Cordless Hot Glue Gun

Gogonova Cordless Hot Glue Gun

Selection Criteria

  • Type of Glue Gun – Cordless glue gun
  • Ergonomics –  10/10
  • Stick Type – 9/10
  • Safety Features – 10/10

About The GoGonova Cordless Hot Glue Gun

The GoGonova hot glue gun is a top choice in the cordless category, catering to crafters and DIY enthusiasts who value speed, safety, and convenience. Its 15-second quick preheating capability, which is much faster than many traditional versions, is what sets it apart from the competition. This rapid heating saves precious time, which is especially important in situations where efficiency is critical. The cordless design also provides greater flexibility and mobility, especially for projects that involve movement or working in places with limited access to power outlets.

“I often use a glue gun for crafting, I always find the power cord too stiff and heavy for the glue gun it keeps toppling it unless you have a stand to hold it. This cordless glue gun is the answer!” explained one of the many happy buyers.

A vital safety feature is the built-in smart sensor, which turns off the glue gun after five minutes of inactivity. This not only protects the user by minimizing overheating, but it also saves energy.

With a 2Ah lithium-ion battery, this glue gun can be used for several hours on a single charge, which takes only 1.5 hours. The LED power indicators are a useful addition because they allow users to monitor the battery level readily. The USB-C charging connection provides a contemporary touch while also making it compatible with commonly used charging cables.

The ergonomic design, which includes a soft gripping surface and a two-finger length switch, ensures comfort and ease of use while decreasing hand strain during long crafting sessions. “The glue gun is quite light even with the glue stick on; it sits in the dock sturdily,” added a satisfied crafter. Its compact and lightweight design adds to its use, making it a perfect tool for a variety of crafts endeavors.

Keep in mind that before using the glue gun for the first time, it must be fully charged. The simple interface contains a top button that, when long-pressed, activates the glue gun, as indicated by flashing lights. Before the LED lights switch off, a short press on the button indicates the remaining battery life. These simple settings contribute to the GoGonova glue gun’s ease of use, making it suitable for even inexperienced crafters.


  • Great quality cordless glue gun
  • Longlasting use on a single charge and fast recharging times make continuous gluing easy
  • Comes in two colors, blue and pink, to match your aesthetic
  • Precision tip covered with silicone for easy clean-ups


  • The USB charging cable is somewhat short, but any USB-C cable will do to charge this glue gun

7. Best Mini Glue Guns—Elmer’s Craft Bond Mini Hot Glue Gun

Elmers Craft Bond Mini Glue Gun

Selection Criteria

  • Type of Glue Gun – Mini-size glue gun, high-temperature
  • Ergonomics –  9/10
  • Stick Type – 9/10
  • Safety Features – 10/10

About The Elmer’s Craft Bond Mini Glue Gun

The Elmer’s E6048 craft bond glue gun is an excellent choice in the mini glue gun category, particularly for those looking for low-cost yet effective equipment. With its accurate high-temperature capabilities, this 10W glue gun is ideal for a wide range of craft and household applications.

One of this glue gun’s key benefits is its capacity to achieve high temperatures, making it perfect for working with a range of materials. It can bond metals, plastics, wood, leather, and ceramics, which is a huge benefit for crafters who work with a variety of materials in their crafts.

This glue gun prioritizes safety, as seen by its insulated nozzle and safety fuse. These characteristics reduce the risk of burns, making it a safer choice, especially for hobbyists or people who are new to using hot glue guns. “It was hot enough to stick stuff on but not hot enough to burn my finger, which I am very happy about,” verified a crafter. Furthermore, the built-in side lifts allow the glue gun to be safely put on a surface without the heated nozzle coming into contact with it, boosting safety during operation.

The Elmer’s Craft Bond glue gun’s thin, ergonomic design ensures comfortable holding, which is critical for projects that require extended use. This design feature aids in hand fatigue reduction, allowing for more precise and comfortable gluing sessions.

Notably, this is a low-cost choice, making it accessible to crafters seeking a high-quality tool without making a large investment. Despite its low cost, it does not sacrifice functionality or safety, giving it an outstanding value for money.


  • In between uses, you can lay it on its side thanks to its built-in lifter and flip-down kickstand
  • The majority of materials, such as ceramics, metal, plastic, wood, and leather, can be effectively bonded at high temperatures of this glue gun
  • Includes an automated shutoff in case of an emergency and a nozzle that is heat-insulated


  • It takes a while longer to reach the desired temperature


Finally, our in-depth analysis of glue guns for crafts has shown a wide range of high-quality models, ideal for a wide range of craft projects.

With its precision nozzle, increased safety features, and dual-temperature settings, the Gorilla dual-temperature hot glue gun kit stands out as the top pick. The AdTech ultra low-temp, on the other hand, is our best option when it comes to low-temperature applications, especially when dealing with sensitive materials or kids, due to its kid-friendly design and emphasis on safety.

When it comes to high-temperature glue guns, though, the Surebonder cordless hot glue gun is head and shoulders above the competition thanks to its reliable performance and cordless portability, making it ideal for tasks that require more force. While, with its dual-temperature range, the Cricut glue gun and mini sticks bundle provide precise control over a wide range of materials.

The Arrow Fastener professional glue gun is an efficient and precise corded option for individuals looking for a dependable tool. Finally, the most affordable mini glue gun that offers high-temperature bonding for small-scale projects is Elmer’s Craft Bond’s high-temp glue gun. Crafters can discover the ideal tool for their projects and ability levels among these glue guns, thanks to their distinct features and capabilities.

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