The 6 Best Heat Press Machines in 2024

Best Overall


Sketchbooks for Markers1
A top-tier, automatic heat press machine renowned for its efficiency and ease of use, ideal for a wide range of heat transfer projects.
Best Professional

Fancierstudio DG

Sketchbooks for Markers1 (2)
A professional-grade heat press offering robust performance and precision, perfect for high-demand printing tasks.
Best Home Use

Cricut EasyPress 3

Sketchbooks for Markers1 (3)
User-friendly and compact, this heat press is perfectly suited for home crafting enthusiasts, offering reliable performance for smaller projects.

Best Heat Press Machine

Graphic designers and entrepreneurs with experience in digital art often find the leap from digital design to physical objects to be the most challenging and exciting part of the dynamic custom printing and crafting industry.

Due to this, the heat press machine, which is crucial for imprinting designs on different types of materials, is getting more attention nowadays. It might be difficult to choose the best heat press machine in the year 2024. But first, you need to know what works best for you because there is a wide variety of machines on the market, each with its own set of features and capabilities.

Choosing from the many available options presents a major difficulty when it comes to heat press machines. The temperature range, plate size, and features (such as clamshell or swing-away variants) that each machine boasts are unique. A graphic designer who focuses on printing T-shirts, for instance, might have very different requirements than one who creates mugs or caps. To find a machine that works for both your current and future needs, it’s important to understand these subtleties.

To solve this problem, our review focuses on important selection criteria that matter to both professionals and DIYers. We investigated a wide range of heat presses, including clamshell, swing-away, and multifunction versions, in terms of both size and type. This feature establishes the machine’s appropriateness for particular tasks, be it for home use or industrial manufacturing.

The capacity to achieve and keep a constant temperature is also critical for producing prints of excellent quality. We explore the range of temperatures that different models can handle, taking into account different materials and transfer techniques. The elevated working temperatures make it critical to prioritize user-friendliness and safety. Machines are rated according to their ease of use, their ability to prevent accidents, and their safety features, such as automatic shutoff.

For companies or individuals wishing to broaden their product line, machines with additional functionality, such as mugs, caps, or plate presses, were also considered.

We have also compiled firsthand stories and tips from seasoned crafters and educators to bring these insights to life. Their experience, gained over years of using heat press machines, will provide you with unique viewpoints to help you make an informed decision.

Our intention in writing this comprehensive guide is to provide you with all the information you need to choose a heat press machine that will serve you well in the here and now and into the future, both professionally and creatively. If you take the time to think about these factors and your unique printing needs, you’ll be more equipped to shop with confidence and choose a machine that helps you achieve your printing goals—better-printed products, easier workflow, and more success overall.

What Accessories Do You Need for a Heat Press Machine?

To get the most out of a heat press machine, you’ll need more than just the machine itself. A variety of accessories are necessary to make it work better, keep you safe, and produce higher-quality printed goods. A heat press machine isn’t complete without the following essential accessories:

One of the most common materials used by heat press machines is heat transfer vinyl or HTV. Standard, glitter, flock, and reflective HTV are just a few of the many varieties you can use to make designs and then iron them into your product.

Also, in order to protect the material being printed from the heat press’s plate, you’ll need to place Teflon sheets or covers between them. Teflon sheets shield the material from intense heat, keep it from adhering, and distribute the heat evenly. To keep the vinyl or transfer paper from slipping during pressing, you’ll also need heat-resistant tape. The high temperatures produced by the heat press won’t melt it like ordinary tape would.

Vinyl users can’t do their jobs without weeding tools to achieve a neat, expert look when they trim the excess vinyl around the design. Inserting a silicone pad or heat press pillow inside the item of clothing or material being ironed will help distribute the heat evenly, which is particularly important in areas with seams, zippers, or buttons.

Always remember that wearing heat-resistant gloves will prevent burns when working with hot substances.

Selection Criteria for Top Heat Press Machines 2024—Buying Guide

To make sure you get the right heat press machine for your needs, there are a number of crucial factors to consider before making a purchase. The size of the platen, temperature range, pressure adjustment, heat press type, and digital controls are all important factors to consider.

The first important factor to think about is platen size. This is a reference to the measurements of the flat surface of the heat press, which is where the fabric or garment is laid out to be printed. Your intended tasks should guide your decision on the optimal platen size. When it comes to printing on t-shirts, for example, a common size is 15 by 15 or 16 by 20 inches. There is a wide range of platen sizes to choose from, from those that are 9 inches by 12 inches—ideal for beginners or small-scale work—to those that are 16 inches by 20 inches or larger—designed for industrial or commercial use.

A heat press’s versatility is limited by the range of materials it can handle. This measurement range, expressed in Fahrenheit or Celsius, shows the highest possible temperature that the equipment is capable of reaching. For the majority of heat transfer applications, a press with a temperature range of 350–400°F is necessary. On the other hand, some materials or more sophisticated procedures may require temperature ranges that are even higher.

Achieving uniform heat distribution and high-quality transfers relies heavily on the ability to adjust pressure. Changing the press’s pressure setting is an essential function for working with materials of varying thicknesses.

The footprint and user-friendliness of a heat press are also affected by its type, which might be clamshell, swing-away, or draw. The type of your workspace and the tasks you typically undertake, of course, will determine which type is most suitable for you.

In conclusion, be sure to check the heat press’s platen size, temperature range, pressure adjustment capabilities, type, and digital controls before making a purchase. You can choose a machine that suits your needs by following these guidelines.

Paying close attention to the parameters mentioned above will help you find a heat press machine that suits your demands and supports your creative endeavors successfully, whether you’re a beginner hobbyist or an expert looking to improve your equipment.

Top Product Recommendations for the Best Heatpress Machine in 2024

  1. Best Overall Heat Press Machine: HTVRONT Auto Heat Press
  2. Best Professional Heat Presses: Fancierstudio DG Heat Press
  3. Best Home Use Heat Presses: Cricut EasyPress 3
  4. Best Multipurpose Heat Press: F2C Pro Heat Press Machine 
  5. Best Heat Press for Cylindrical Projects: Cricut Mug Press
  6. Best Budget-Friendly Heat Press: HYTIREBY Heat Press Machine

1. Best Overall Heat Press Machine—HTVRONT Auto Heat Press

HTVRONT Auto Heat Press

Heat Press Machine Selection Criteria

  • Quality – 10/10
  • Heat Press Type – Auto Heat Press
  • Platen Size –  15 x 15 inches
  • Temperature Range – up to 410°F
  • Pressure Adjustment – No

About The HTVRONT Auto Heat Press

When it comes to heat presses, the HTVRONT stands out mainly because of its efficient operation and user-friendly design. One of the most notable features of this 15-by-15-inch machine is its automatic pressing mechanism, which greatly simplifies the heat press procedure with only one button push. Notably, it has a dual-zone heating engine that makes sure the whole plate is heated evenly, which is important for reliable transfers.

According to a five-star review, “I’m not new to using heat presses. From large and clunky manual heat presses to small handheld heat presses to mini hat presses – I’ve tried them all. I ordered this heat press because the auto pressure feature, paired with the pull-out tray, sounded like an awesome improvement. I’ve used it on direct-to-film transfers, screen print transfers, sublimation transfers, regular heat transfer vinyl, and with regular iron-on adhesive (like hemming tape), among other things. A definite win in my books!”

Its sophisticated lifting mechanism, which adapts to the material’s thickness of up to one inch, exerts pressure automatically. Its adaptability makes it suitable for a wide range of materials and uses. With a maximum temperature of 410°F and a rapid heating rate of 320°F in under four minutes, it is ideal for sublimation and other heat transfer applications.

Another reviewer who offered a five-star review wrote, “I am so glad that I purchased this heat press. I love the ease and simplicity of using this device. You literally only have to set your temperature and press time, and the heat press does the rest.”

Users with limited room will like the machine’s compact form and lightweight construction, which set it apart from other versions. Its auto shut-off safety feature further improves its safety profile, making it ideal for individuals just starting out or working in surroundings with youngsters.

There are a few downsides, however, to this particular heat press, though. Certain specialized applications may find it lacking in adaptability because of the inability to manually modify pressure levels. Additionally, the machine’s design prevents wrapping materials around the drawer, which could provide a problem for thicker products.


  • Both upper and lower platen produce consistent results on small and larger projects
  • No learning curve, as heat pressing is handled automatically by the machine
  • It takes up less space than the competition
  • Auto-off feature adds another layer of safety


  • Lacks temperature settings

2. Best Professional Heat Presses—Fancierstudio DG Heat Press

Fancierstudio DG Heat Press

Heat Press Machine Selection Criteria

  • Quality – 10/10
  • Heat Press Type – Clamshell design
  • Platen Size –  16 x 24 inches
  • Temperature Range – up to 500°F
  • Pressure Adjustment – Yes

About The Fancierstudio DG Heat Press

The most recent reviews and our own evaluation of the Fancierstudio Power heat press lead us to consider this model as one of the best heat presses for professional projects.

This is a powerful instrument with a large working area of 16 by 24-inch pull-out lower platen. Its primary use is in industrial-scale printing processes, including sublimation and t-shirt printing. Whether you’re printing on t-shirts or tote bags, the Fancierstudio model’s large platen size gives you plenty of room to maneuver.

Its ability to withstand temperatures as high as 500°F is one of its most notable characteristics. The wide temperature range it can handle makes it ideal for commercial applications and a wide range of materials. This machine is also great for a variety of heat transfer procedures since it can reach such high temperatures.

Furthermore, the machine’s Teflon covering greatly reduces the likelihood of burn marks appearing on the printed paper. Additionally, it has knobs that you can turn to change the pressure so that you may customize the printing process to your liking. To further help avoid overexposure, it has an integrated digital thermometer and timer.

In our opinion, despite its suitability for professionals, its size and features may be too much for beginners to handle. However, as one buyer explained, “I’m new to the pressing world, and this heat press is awesome. Does a great job and is large enough for big projects.”


  • Professional quality transfers
  • This heat press is great since the top platen opens upwards, which makes it more compact
  • The slide-out lower platen makes it easy to add material without the risk of getting burned
  • Versatile machine since it can handle custom shirts, mouse pads, ceramic tiles, and most print jobs for a small business or even large projects


  • Its weight makes it difficult to move around

3. Best Home Use Heat Presses—Cricut EasyPress 3

Cricut Easypress 3

Heat Press Machine Selection Criteria

  • Quality – 10/10
  • Heat Press Type – Smart Heat Press
  • Platen Size –  9 x 9 inches
  • Temperature Range – up to 400°F
  • Pressure Adjustment – Yes

About The Cricut EasyPress 3

An exceptional smart heat press for home use, the Cricut EasyPress 3 combines professional-grade performance with user-friendliness. Crafters and those interested in heat transfer projects will find it an ideal tool for maintaining consistent temperatures and dispersing heat evenly. Especially those who work within the Cricut realm of crafting will appreciate this machine, as it “goes great with the cricket cutter and works well.”

Since its release, the Cricut EasyPress 3 has been a hot commodity among crafters thanks to its user-friendly design, high-quality features, and efficient operation. The Cricut EasyPress series, which includes this model, is well-known for being an intermediary between a regular iron and a professional heat press. Its uniform heating and accurate temperature regulation make it ideal for use with a wide range of materials, guaranteeing flawless transfers.

Unlike what most heat press machines offer, the smart capabilities of the EasyPress 3, when used in conjunction with the Cricut Heat app, allow users to transmit the exact temperature and timing parameters from their mobile devices. This function enhances the precision and individuality of creating tasks while also providing convenience. “In the app, you tell it what vinyl you are using and what type of material you are pressing on, and away you go; the easypress will do the rest. The choices of creation are endless; make your own t-shirts, bags, etc..” further verified another user.

Any home crafting space, no matter how big or small, would benefit from the Cricut heat press and its ergonomic design, lightweight construction, and portability. As explained by a happy crafter, this is a “great buy! I would definitely recommend this Cricut, as it’s light, easy to use, and the app is really simple too.” Its user-friendliness makes it a good fit for makers of all skill levels. Fast heating on the EasyPress 3 means more time for other tasks and less waiting around. This product is perfect for home use because it has safety features like an auto-shutoff mechanism.

From larger projects like t-shirts and tote bags to smaller ones like designs on baby garments or accessories, the EasyPress 3 can handle everything. It works well with a variety of heat-transfer materials, such as infusible ink, sublimation transfers, and heat-transfer vinyl (HTV), which is a major selling factor.


  • Great quality heat press with smart features
  • A variety of heat settings, all controlled from your mobile device, offer ease of use
  • Easy to carry and store out of sight
  • You can also get the bundle options, which include heat transfer paper, designs, and more


  • Rather small Cricut design space for professional projects

4. Best Multipurpose Heat Press—F2C Pro Heat Press Machine

F2C Pro 5-in-1 Heat Press

Heat Press Machine Selection Criteria

  • Quality – 10/10
  • Heat Press Type – Swing away heat press
  • Platen Size –  12 x 15 inches
  • Temperature Range – up to 410°F
  • Pressure Adjustment – Yes

About The F2C Pro Heat Press Machine

With its five distinct functions, the F2C pro heat press can handle a wide variety of heat transfer tasks. It sports a 12 by 15-inch heating element that works great for transferring designs onto cotton, flax, and nylon, making it perfect for making personalized T-shirts.

This machine might look intimidating, but even beginners will operate it with ease. “It took me only a few minutes to put this machine together; I followed the instructions, set the machine to the recommended settings, and voila… 15 seconds later, my first shirt was done. It came out perfect. Then I made eight more shirts all came out perfect so far,” described a first time user.

With its expert swing-away design and complete 360° rotation, this model guarantees both convenience and security. Equipped with an integrated fuse for secure operation, the digital control system ensures accuracy and sensitivity. To further enhance its multipurpose use, it comes with attachments for mugs, plates, and headgear.

Nevertheless, one must remember that “before using it, let the iron get up to temperature and wait 15 minutes for the entire heating elements to heat evenly. Make sure that you read the recommended heat and time settings for the vinyl you’re using. Pressure should be firm but not hard.”

For a wide range of heat transfer tasks, this multipurpose machine’s accuracy is guaranteed by its digital control system, and safety is enhanced by its built-in fuse. Note that there is just one mug attachment and two teflon sheets included, but it does have hat and plate attachments. This machine is perfect for a variety of uses since it can vary the pressure based on the thickness of the material.


  • Good quality heat press
  • It comes with even specialized accessories, such as a cap press, mug press, shot glasses, hat press, and everything you’d need for a t-shirt business at no extra cost
  • It can accommodate even thicker substrates and other materials


  • Instructions are roughly translated into English, making following them a little hard, especially when troubleshooting
  • Large enough to need to be placed in a craft room

5. Best Heat Press for Cylindrical Projects—Cricut Mug Press

Cricut Mug Press

Heat Press Machine Selection Criteria

  • Quality – 10/10
  • Heat Press Type – Sublimation heat press
  • Platen Size –  11 and 16 ounces
  • Pressure Adjustment – Yes

About The Cricut Mug Press

Although the Cricut mug press lacks the versatility of other heat press machines, it excels at its intended function. Sublimation mugs are its forte, as it works with Infusible Ink materials and 11–16 ounce cup blanks with ease.

This mug press can be operated entirely from a distance, via smart apps. You can plug it into your computer using the included USB cable, then use Cricut software to keep tabs on your machine as you design your mugs in collaboration with your Cricut Joy or Maker. However, as explained by a customer, even though it is “easy to use once you connect and register it with Cricut. My laptop isn’t close to my craft area, and I am limited on room anywhere by my laptop, so that was kind of a pain to deal with, but once it’s done, you don’t have to do it again.”

We discovered the Cricut Mug Press to be an easy-to-use heat press that consistently produced great results in our evaluation. Although the branded Cricut mugs have always worked well with the machine, we also found that cheaper non-Cricut mugs can be used. Also, “the automatic timer is nice and I like it just has lights that progress during the time and beeps when it’s done.”

This is more of an accessory than a machine because of the requirement for a Cricut cutting machine—like a Cricut Joy or Cricut Explore 3—and the connection to Cricut Design Space.


  • The auto-off safety and insulated base feature make it more user- and child-friendly
  • Works seamlessly with the rest of the Cricut realm
  • Can download designs from the internet, for a wider variety
  • You can expect consistent results, as everything happens automatically
  • Great for small business owners


  • Very specific use
  • Need to be part of the Cricut realm and their products

6. Best Budget-Friendly Heat Press—HYTIREBY Heat Press Machine

Hytierby Heat Press Machine

Selection Criteria

  • Quality – 8/10
  • Heat Press Type – Iron press
  • Platen Size –  7 x 3.8 inches
  • Temperature Range – up to 356°F
  • Pressure Adjustment – No

About The HYTIREBY Heat Press Machine

For smaller-scale heat transfers and HTV vinyl jobs, the HYTIREBY seven by four inches heat press machine is an affordable solution that lacks nothing compared to other models, but sports a much more manual operation.

“I knocked out a few additional projects, and everything panned out smoothly and perfectly. It is honestly the perfect size for the project types that I purchased it for – and at half the cost of the Cricut or other competitor products.” explained an enthusiastic customer.

Its small form factor meets a wide range of artistic requirements, making it perfect for application on footwear, t-shirts, bags, and caps. For those just starting out or who have limited room, this portable machine is ideal because of how easy it is to operate.

As testified by a satisfied craft beginner, “I was very happy with my purchase; it was very easy to take out of the box and use right away even though I’d never used one before. I was also surprised with some free prints to iron on, so I can’t wait to try those out.”

Its low price belies its heat transfer capabilities, which are useful for a wide range of DIY tasks. If you are looking for a simple and affordable way to transfer heat, it’s a good option to consider.

“This heat press is great for applying vinyl onto fabric. The name-brand one is much more expensive and doesn’t work any better than this one. I’ve used it many times and always get excellent results,” according to another crafter.


  • Simple design makes it easy to use, especially for beginners
  • Auto-off function makes it safer for use, even by senior adults and children
  • Easy to carry and store
  • It can be used for irregular shapes and patterns


  • Pre-heating takes longer than most other products on our list


This buying guide has covered a wide range of heat press machines, so you can find one that best suits your needs and aesthetics.

As various heat press machines are available in the market, this buying guide has gone over their features, benefits, and limitations to help you choose the right one for your needs and level of expertise. Every machine has its own set of benefits, whether you’re a professional, working on a niche project (like mug printing), or just doing some light DIY on a budget.

We have covered most crafting needs with the flexible F2C 5-in-1 Pro Heat Press, the specialized Cricut Mug Press for mugs and circular projects, and the affordable HYTIREBY  Heat Press Machine for small-scale projects.

In the end, your needs, the layout of your workspace, and the nature of your projects will determine which option is best for you. With each choice, you can improve the efficiency and originality of your heat transfer initiatives.

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