The 9 Best Paint by Numbers for Adults in 2024

Best Overall

Mona Lisa Paint by Numbers

A kit for recreating the iconic masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci, complete with canvas and paints
Best for the Holidays

Pop Art Santa

1 (2)
Something festive and enjoyable for the Holiday season!
Best for Artists

Whimsical Love Abstract

1 (3)
A creative and inspiring kit for artists of all ages.

the best paint by numbers for adultsThe temptation of engaging in a tactile, hands-on artistic endeavor is stronger than ever in an age when digital screens dominate our daily lives. Many people find the world of traditional art intimidating, with its hurdles of learning technique and composition. This is where the appeal of paint by numbers for adults lies—it provides an entry point into the joys of painting without the apprehension of beginning from scratch. Paint by Numbers kits provide an accessible road to making beautiful artwork, whether you are a seasoned artist looking for a planned project or a beginner searching for a relaxing and gratifying hobby.

paint by numbers

The work of selecting the perfect kit, on the other hand, might be as involved as a finely made painting. This guide seeks to demystify that process by focusing on a handful of carefully chosen factors that are critical for making an informed decision. We’ll talk about material quality because the canvas and paints you use have a big impact on the longevity and finish of the artwork. Design variation will also be emphasized, responding to a wide range of aesthetic choices, from tranquil landscapes to vivid abstracts.

Clarity of instructions is critical, particularly for those new to the art world, in order to ensure a seamless and joyful painting experience. Furthermore, we’ll go over the importance of size and framing options, as these affect the display and overall effect of the finished piece. Price range considerations will ensure that there is a great option accessible to you regardless of budget.

In this complete guide, we’ll also look at the best options for specific cases. We have you covered whether you’re searching for a peaceful weekend pastime, a meaningful gift for a loved one, or a project to improve your artistic talents. So, brush in hand, let’s go on this colorful trip to find the best paint-by-numbers kits that offer both an entertaining process and a masterpiece you’ll be happy to show.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Paint by Numbers as an Adult

At this point, it is critical to emphasize the therapeutic benefits of such an activity. The mental and emotional benefits of paint by numbers, such as stress reduction, improved attention, and a sense of success, are just as important as the beautiful result.

Painting by numbers is intrinsically contemplative from a psychological standpoint. When adults participate, they are immersed in the process of matching colors to numbers, which requires a certain level of concentration. This, in turn, moves the mind away from daily concerns and into a state of conscious presence, which reduces anxiety and promotes serenity. Additionally, paint-by-numbers can be an effective method for increasing self-confidence and creativity. The notion of starting a painting from scratch might be intimidating for many of us. Paint by Numbers is an organized approach to creating art that allows anyone to generate beautiful pieces without the pressure of developing a design from scratch. This guided approach to art can reinvigorate latent creativity, and the completion of a painting provides a concrete sense of accomplishment and confidence.

Another big advantage is establishing what is known as the ‘flow state,’ which is a well-known concept in psychology. This state, defined by complete immersion in an activity, results in less stress, enhanced mood, and a general sense of well-being. With its repetitive and regimented nature, paint by numbers is a great pastime for encouraging this state of being. Furthermore, the cognitive engagement necessary in matching paint colors to numbers improves mental skills such as pattern identification and problem-solving. It is a fascinating and fulfilling sort of brain workout that provides cerebral stimulation that is sometimes absent in regular adult life.

Including paint-by-numbers in one’s daily practice provides a comprehensive therapeutic experience. It is not just about making art; it is also about establishing a space for mental renewal and self-care. As a psychologist, I appreciate these features even more, realizing that each stroke and color choice on the canvas is a step toward a more balanced and attentive state of being, not merely a step toward the completion of a painting.


Selection Criteria for Top Paint by Numbers for Adults 2024—Buying Guide

Choosing the correct paint-by-number kit for your needs is critical for a pleasurable and gratifying experience. The parameters we’ll look at are important in deciding the overall happiness and success of your painting endeavor.

Material Quality

Material quality is defined as the durability and texture of the canvas, as well as the quality of the brushes and paints supplied in the kit. A good canvas should be smooth and free of wrinkles, and brushes should be easy to handle and keep their shape after use.

For vibrant results, the canvas should ideally be composed of linen or a high-quality cotton blend, and the paints ought to have good pigmentation. Finally, brushes should be available in a variety of sizes to accommodate a variety of detailing requirements.

material quality

Design Variation

This criterion refers to the variety of designs available in paint-by-numbers kits. Designs might be simple and abstract, or elaborate and realistic, depending on the mood. Landscapes, portraits, animals, and abstract art are among the many subjects available, catering to a wide range of preferences and interests.

Clarity of Instructions

Clarity of instructions refers to how thoroughly the kit guides the user through the painting process, including understanding the numbering system and, if necessary, mixing paints. Instructions should be simple, easy to understand for beginners, and give useful hints for a smooth painting experience.clarity of instruction

Painting Skills

This criterion examines the level of painting skill necessary to effectively complete the kit. The complexity of the design and the quantity of colors included determine the skill level. Kits in our list cater to painters of all ability levels, from beginners with no painting expertise to those designed for skilled artists looking for an organized project.

Acrylic Paints Quality

The pigmentation, texture, and how thoroughly they cover the canvas determine the quality of acrylic paints. Measurement is based on the brightness and endurance of colors after application, as well as the consistency of the paint. High-quality acrylic paints should have vibrant, long-lasting colors and a smooth, easy-to-apply consistency.

acrylic paint quality

Top Product Recommendations for the Best Paint by Numbers for Adults 2024

  1. Best Overall Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults: Mona Lisa Paint by Numbers
  2. Best Paint by Numbers Kit for the Holidays: Pop Art Santa
  3. Best Paint by Numbers Kit for the Artist in your Life: Whimsical Love Abstract
  4. Best Canvas Paint by Numbers Kit: TUMOVO DIY Paint by Number for Adults
  5. Best Paint by Numbers Kits for Experienced Artists: Ledgebay Paint by Number for Adults Framed Canvas
  6. Best Paint by Numbers Kits for Beginners: LOMSIOY Paint By Number For Adults
  7. Best Paint by Numbers for Adults Customization Kit: TEXTURE OF DREAMS
  8. Best Detailed Canvas Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults: PIPISKY Peonies Paint by Number Kit
  9. Best Budget-Friendly Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults: Wowdecor Paint by Numbers Kits for Adults

1. Best Overall Paint by Numbers Kits for Adults — Mona Lisa Paint by Numbers

Paint by Numbers Selection Criteria

  • Material Quality – High-quality canvas
  • Design Variation – 10/10
  • Clarity of Instructions – 10/10
  • Painting Skills – Beginners to advanced painters
  • Acrylic Paint Quality – High-quality paint

About Mona LisaPaint by Numbers

The Paint by Numbers Shop has created kits that will take you on a guided tour of famous works of art, letting you paint them just like the original. The Mona Lisa kit aspires to bring one of the most famous artworks into the hands of experienced painters and the general public.

As soon as you take it out of the packaging, you’ll see a high-quality linen canvas that has already been printed. It’s got parts that are clearly numbered and match the colors in the kit. You won’t feel squished while working on fine details because the canvas is large and easy to maneuver. The acrylic paint pots included in the set feature a variety of colors that were matched to the original painting’s color scheme. For your convenience, this kit has numbered each pot. There are also three different-sized brushes in the package, so you can get both wide strokes and tiny details with ease.

In addition to providing vivid colors and a smooth texture, these paints are safe for use around children and the environment. Like other acrylic paints, users may need to apply more coats of lighter colors to achieve full opacity, though. 

Any painter, from beginners to seasoned pros, can create their own masterpiece with the use of this kit. A numbered guide that matches the paint pots is pre-printed on the canvas, making the painting procedure easier. 


  • Custom paint colors match the original work
  • Pre-printed canvas matches the paint set pots for easier painting
  • Website allows you to order extra paint 
  • Great gift for any art lover


  • Brushes that come with the set are great for beginners, but experienced users might need to use their own set when it comes to the intricate details of this painting

2. Best Paint by Numbers Kit for the Holidays—Pop Art Santa

Paint by Numbers Selection Criteria

  • Material Quality – High-quality canvas
  • Design Variation – 10/10
  • Clarity of Instructions – 10/10
  • Painting Skills – Beginners to advanced painters
  • Acrylic Paint Quality – High-quality paint

About Pop Art Santa

By fusing the iconic Santa Claus image with the bright colors and visual impact of Pop Art, this kit brings a lively, contemporary spin to the conventional holiday iconography. The Paint by Numbers Shop offers many holiday kits with the hope of providing an easy-to-understand art activity for adults, one that will be both entertaining and educational, with an emphasis on modern art.

When you open the package, you’ll see a premium, pre-printed linen canvas with a precise outline of the Pop Art Santa design. The canvas is divided into sections with numbers clearly marked for your convenience while painting. The ideal size for the canvas is one that allows for easy handling while also providing adequate room for intricate brushwork, elevating the painting experience as a whole.

Various pots of acrylic paint are part of this set, chosen to produce the bright, contrasting color scheme typical of Pop Art. The colors are vibrant and packed with pigment, guaranteeing that the final product will be eye-catching. The painting process is made easier by numbering each pot to match the canvas. 

The Pop Art aesthetic is based on principles of graphic design and color theory, which can be creatively explored with this kit. Learning how to balance vibrant colors and make an artistic statement through one’s hands-on experience is a great benefit. Additionally, painting itself can be a therapeutic practice, helping one to relax and cultivate awareness.

Anyone seeking a stress-free art project or someone new to painting will find it an ideal option due to its accessibility. But if you’re an experienced painter looking for a fun Pop Art style project or something different to do for the holidays, this kit is perfect for you.


  • You can choose to create art for most holidays, including Halloween and Easter
  • Best-selling paint for the Christmas holidays, great as a gift
  • You can order extra paint for your peace of mind


  • For individuals who are used to more realistic or conventional painting styles, it might be shocking to handle the bold colors and graphic style of Pop Art

3. Best Paint by Numbers Kit for the Artist in your Life— Whimsical Love Abstract

Paint by Numbers Selection Criteria

  • Material Quality – High-quality canvas
  • Design Variation – 10/10
  • Clarity of Instructions – 10/10
  • Painting Skills – Beginners to advanced painters
  • Acrylic Paint Quality – High-quality paint

About Whimsical Love Abstract

Designed for both casual artists and those with a deeper creative bent, the Whimsical Love Abstract Paint by Numbers Kit distinguishes out among similar products thanks to its novel take on the paint-by-numbers genre. The Painting by Numbers Shop has put together an amazing kit with an abstract theme based on love. The style is both whimsical and eye-catching.

The high-quality, pre-printed linen canvas is scaled to accommodate the delicate details of the abstract design while yet providing a pleasant painting experience. Parts of the canvas are designated with numbers that match particular colors, making it easy to see where to put paint.

Included in the package is a set of acrylic paints that have been hand-picked to complement the complex and varied color palette needed to realize this abstract artwork. The rich coloration and smooth consistency of these paints make them ideal for creating aesthetically pleasing finishes, that the artist in your life will intuitively appreciate. The paints also comply with safety and environmental regulations as they are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Color theory and abstract composition are two areas where this kit really shines as a teaching tool. It opens the door to the ideas of abstract art by encouraging the artists in your life to express themselves emotionally via shape and color. This painting also has therapeutic benefits, such as increasing mindfulness, which can help alleviate stress and improve general health.

When finished, the Whimsical Love Abstract painting is a work of art that can provide vibrancy and imagination to any room. Whether it’s the kit itself that you plan on offering as gift to encourage creative exploration or the completed painting as a personal and heartfelt present, its abstract character and emotional depth make it a meaningful gesture.


  • The intricate interplay of curves and overlapping parts represents the depth and intricacy of love, great for a romantic gift
  • No mixing is required with this complete collection of acrylic paints
  • Kit includes brushes and a full paint set, along with stunning designs of the finished product for reference


  • Not for everyone; artists used to painting realistic or figurative topics may find the abstract theme to be a creative challenge, therefore they must approach the technique with an open mind
  • The included brushes are suitable for most applications, but finer brushes may be necessary for more intricate work

4. Best Canvas Paint by Numbers Kits — TUMOVO DIY Paint by Number for Adults

Paint by Numbers Selection Criteria

  • Material Quality – High-quality canvas
  • Design Variation – 10/10
  • Clarity of Instructions – 10/10
  • Painting Skills – Beginner to experienced artist
  • Acrylic Paint Quality – High-quality paints

About TUMOVO DIY Paint by Number for Adults

We looked at a lot of different paint-by-number kits for adults, and the ones with the designs from TUMOVO were clearly the best option. Featuring a framed 16-by-20-inch canvas that offers an ideal blend of smoothness and texture for painting, these sets showcase premium materials.

You can get both broad strokes and delicate details with its precision-designed brushes. The brand offers 11 different designs, including themes based on fantasy, still life, and nature scenes; so there is something for everyone. The ‘Red Tree’ design, specifically, creates a peaceful and romantic scene that is easy enough for beginners and skilled enough for professionals to enjoy.

One notable aspect is the clear and fun painting procedure this kit guarantees for users of all ability levels. The canvas size is perfect for both serious work and casual painting sessions; it’s big enough for intricate work but not too big. The supplied acrylic paints are of high quality; they have great pigmentation and consistency, which guarantees vivid and long-lasting colors in the final product.


  • The paint pots are sturdy and hold extra paint than what you actually need
  • Kit includes a wooden frame and a small easel
  • Variety of stunning designs
  • The paint set comes with three brushes for all types of strokes


  • Does not have an abstract painting design

5. Best Paint by Numbers Kits for Experienced Artists— Ledgebay Paint by Number for Adults Framed Canvas

Selection Criteria

  • Material Quality – High-quality canvas
  • Design Variation – 10/10
  • Clarity of Instructions – 9/10
  • Painting Skill – Experienced artist
  • Acrylic Paint Quality – High-quality paint

About Ledgebay Paint by Number for Adults Framed Canvas

An excellent option for seasoned artists interested in paint-by-number projects is the Ledgebay kit with the “Aurora Bliss” pattern. The set comes with a high-quality framed 16 by 20 inches canvas, ideal for intricate work. With its high-quality, silky surface, the canvas makes painting an immersive experience. The “Aurora Bliss” design, especially, is mesmerizing; it portrays a complex scene that both tests and captivates seasoned painters. Those seeking a more involved job than a simple paint-by-numbers activity will also find what they’re looking for in the rest 27 design options that come in this painting kit.

When it comes to accessories, Ledgebay included in the set four brushes of varied sizes to cover everything from wide strokes to small details in the painting for a more methodical and expert approach to the artwork. A tabletop easel is also an extra nice element that elevates the kit’s professional vibe and makes painting a more enjoyable experience overall.

The acrylic paints are of excellent quality; they have vivid colors and a velvety texture that makes for a beautiful final product. Artists who value nuanced color mixing and layering will find these paints ideal. The high-quality materials and whole experience it provides are what make this kit so appealing to seasoned artists. It allows artists to adhere to the rules while yet expressing their individuality, thus bridging the gap between free-form painting and organized painting.


  • Detailed pre-printed canvas, with intricate details for increased difficulty level
  • Good quality materials to create a finished painting that will stand the test of time
  • 4 paint brushes, more than the competition
  • 27 designs to choose from


  • Smaller squares might make it hard to see the numbers, but for seasoned artists, it is rather easy to guess

6. Best Paint by Numbers Kits for Beginners—LOMSIOY Paint By Number For Adults

Paint by Numbers Selection Criteria

  • Material Quality – High-quality canvas
  • Design Variation – Single design
  • Clarity of Instructions – 10/10
  • Painting Skills – Beginner
  • Acrylic Paint Quality – High-quality paint

About LOMSIOY Paint By Number For Adults

Those starting out in the world of painting can consider the LOMSIOY Paint By Number Kit. This kit is ideal for anyone looking to unleash their creativity and enjoy their free time, as it is meticulously crafted to ensure that learning to paint by numbers is both fun and easy.

The intuitive layout is one of the most notable aspects of this set. The 16 by 20-inch canvas is a great size for those just starting out since it gives you plenty of room to work without being too big. The canvas is well-labeled with numbers, so it’s easy to follow along and know where to put each color. If you’re just starting off and find the thought of painting to be intimidating, this clarity is for you.

The layout is one of the things that makes the LOMSIOY kit appealing. This particular design is attractive and captivating, complicated enough to pique one’s curiosity without being intimidating to aspiring artists. It is not too difficult but still gives you a good feeling of achievement when you finish it. In addition to being an exquisite work of art, the finished painting may be a beautiful accent piece for any space in the house.


  • No need for prior painting experience
  • A good option to start blending colors
  • Fewer details to make it easy for people of all skill levels
  • User-friendly instructions


  • Realistic painting but lacks designs
  • Comes as a rolled canvas without an easel
  • You will need to create a DIY frame

7. Best Paint by Numbers for Adults Customization Kit— TEXTURE OF DREAMS

Paint by Numbers Selection Criteria

  • Material Quality – High-quality canvas
  • Design Variation – 10/10
  • Clarity of Instructions – 10/10
  • Painting Skill – Advanced
  • Acrylic Paint Quality – High-quality paint


With the TEXTURE OF DREAMS, users can elevate their paint-by-numbers experience to a whole new level by turning their own images into paintable canvases. The opportunity to incorporate a personal photograph into the finished product ensures that it will hold a particular meaning, be it a snapshot of a treasured moment, a photo of a cherished pet, or a shot of beautiful scenery. Both the creative process and the final product benefit from this individual touch, which gives them more depth emotionally.

With its generous dimensions of 36 by 48 inches, the canvas that comes with this package is perfect for creating elaborate and lifelike paintings. Detailed personal images look their best on such a large canvas. Those looking to create their own masterpiece in their living room or workplace will also find it to be an ideal option.

As far as quality is concerned, TEXTURE OF DREAMS is up to par. When you get the canvas, it’s all set up and ready to be painted. The canvas stays taut and easy to work on with this professional-level setup, making the painting process smooth and joyful. Accurately portraying the intricacies of personal images requires high-quality custom paint, which provides vivid colors and good coverage.


  • High-quality linen canvas, in dimensions larger than the competition
  • Variety of canvas dimensions
  • Great gift for the creative person in your life
  • Non-toxic colors


  • Custom kits can come with an easel, which is not present here

8. Best Detailed Canvas Paint Kits for Adults— PIPISKY Peonies Paint by Number Kit

Paint by Numbers Selection Criteria

  • Material Quality – High-quality canvas
  • Design Variation – 8/10
  • Clarity of Instructions – 10/10
  • Painting Skills – Advanced
  • Acrylic Paint Quality – High-quality paint

About PIPISKY Peonies Paint by Number Kit

Anyone who enjoys working on bigger, detailed canvases will find the PIPISKY Peonies Paint by Number Kit to be an engaging and entertaining option. Painters who want to get into finer details will like its size, which is 40 by 50 centimeters.

Although the canvas is unframed, it showcases a vivid and colorful floral motif, namely a breathtaking painting of peonies, a flower species renowned for its intricate and luxuriant petals. As it permits a carefree exploration of color while preserving the inherent beauty of these blossoms, this art choice is very captivating.

Also, the kit’s color scheme and composition were made with a range of skill levels in mind, so it should work for both amateurs and professionals. Unfortunately, the range of designs focuses solely on floral arrangements.


  • Great gift for the art lover in your life or the creative side of your inner artist
  • Comes with enough different brushes for all the details
  • Package includes 2 rivets for mounting


  • Mainly geared towards talented artists
  • No variety in the designs

9. Best Budget-Friendly Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults— Wowdecor Paint by Numbers Kits for Adults

Paint by Numbers Selection Criteria

  • Material Quality – High-quality canvas
  • Design Variation – Single design
  • Clarity of Instructions – 10/10
  • Painting Skills – Beginners to advanced painters
  • Acrylic Paint Quality – High-quality paint

About Wowdecor Paint by Numbers Kits for Adults

Whole families can spend hours enjoying the Wowdecor Paint by Numbers Kit, which features Van Gogh’s famous “Starry Night” painting. One of the most renowned works of art in the world is brought to life on a manageable-sized canvas with the help of this kit.

This kit’s affordable and high-quality mix makes it a great pick, particularly for people who are not still sure if this hobby is for them. Plus, the spacious canvas allows for a full depiction of the expressive sky and the serene town below, two features that are characteristic of Van Gogh’s masterwork.

Using Wowdecor’s “Starry Night” kit, you can do more than just paint; you can learn about art history. Artists are able to empathize with Van Gogh’s distinctive style and learn his color palette and brushwork from the master himself, at an affordable price. Painting with this element adds an educational component, making it a wonderful choice for individuals of all ages who are interested in art education.


  • Licensed artwork
  • Release stress at an affordable price
  • Full set of brushes in the kit to create Van Gogh’s work
  • Variety in difficulty level, from kids to adults


  • The numbering of some hues is faint
  • Need more paint for wrong color correction


There is a wide range of interests and abilities met by each of the paint-by-numbers kits covered in our list, thanks to their individual features and experiences. No matter your level of artistic expertise, whether you’re seeking a custom project or a more affordable choice, there is a kit available that will allow you to create a stunning work of art while also providing a fulfilling and soothing painting experience.

The clear winner—the TUMOVO DIY Paint by Number for Adults—featuring the ‘Red Tree’ design, is a great option for painters of all skill levels thanks to its combination of high-quality materials, attractive design, and straightforward directions. On the other hand, the Aurora Bliss Ledgebay Paint by Number Kit presents a difficult but satisfying challenge for more accomplished artists. For the more experienced painter, there are extras like the tabletop easel and a detailed design that make this a top choice.

As far as personalized paint-by-number kits go, the TEXTURE OF DREAMS one is head and shoulders above the rest. It provides a one-of-a-kind and profoundly significant artistic undertaking on a grand scale by letting people turn their own images into paintable canvases.

While, the Wowdecor Paint by Numbers Kit showcasing Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” is an excellent choice for individuals looking to save money. It is an excellent educational and entertaining option because it is both inexpensive and offers the chance to participate in a timeless work of art.

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