The 6 Best Printers for Heat Transfer in 2024

Best Overall

Epson ET-2720

Excellent overall heat transfer printer, known for its cost-effective ink system and high-quality prints.
Best Inkjet

Epson XP-15000

Top inkjet printer for heat transfer, offering wide-format printing and vibrant color reproduction.
Best Laser

HP Color Pro W1Y45A

Best laser printer for heat transfer, providing fast and consistent print quality, ideal for heat transfer applications.

best printer for heat transferHeat transfer printers use a heat press to transfer a pattern, graphic, or image onto a surface or substrate. This printing method employs the use of a special heat transfer paper or vinyl that is printed with ink designed to transfer to the surface when exposed to heat.

printers for heat transfer

People and businesses that mostly use heat transfer printers include clothes makers, graphic artists, promotional product companies, and hobbyists. They are often used to manufacture personalized t-shirts, hats, bags, and other promotional items, as well as to print graphics and designs onto diverse surfaces such as ceramics, metal, and plastic. Signage, banners, and other sorts of printed media are also produced with heat transfer printing.

printer for heat transfer

Those who wish to get into this form of art, but are unfamiliar with the specifics of each type of equipment they will need, may be overwhelmed by the quantity of alternatives on the market.

Selecting the right printer can be challenging; nevertheless, we will review the best options depending on the type of printer you want, the quality of the finished output, and the size of the area you plan to print on, all of which are critical when making a purchasing decision.

printer for heat transfer

We will also go through the best options for people who are just getting started and want to experiment with heat transfer printing at home with the use of an inkjet printer, professionals that require a large amount of printing done on a daily basis with the use of a laser option, and people who prefer to print wide designs or plus size items, as the ideas strike them.

Selection Criteria for Best Heat Transfer Printers 2023—Buying Guide 

Type of Printer:

Sublimation printing, along with inkjet and laser printers have become mainstream options for businesses. Which option is best for you will depend on how often you want to use your heat transfer printer and how much time you have to spend on each product.

Inkjet Printer:

It is advised that a printer made specifically for heat transfer printing be used for optimal results. Pigment-based inks are used by these printers because they last longer and are less likely to fade, and they also typically incorporate features like programmable heat and paper feeding mechanisms to ensure a smooth transfer.

But, if you insist on using a simple inkjet printer for heat transfer printing, it is important that you invest in high-quality transfer paper and strictly adhere to the printer’s instructions for the best results.

Laser Printer:

Heat transfer printing with a laser printer is a viable solution, particularly for intricate artwork or small text. Toner, the ink used in laser printers, is heat-set onto the transfer paper or vinyl, making for a long-lasting and reliable print.

Not all laser printers can handle the heat required for heat transfer printing, though. Since they may not bond properly with the transfer paper or vinyl, laser printers that use fuser oil or wax-based toner are not advised for use in this case.

It is recommended that you use a laser printer made for heat transfer printing when creating heat transfer designs, as the heat and toner density can be customized in some printers for better print quality.

Even while laser printers can be useful for heat transfer printing, it is still necessary to do your homework and select a printer that is suitable for the transfer paper or vinyl you intend to use.

Sublimation Printer

While various types of heat transfer printing can be used on polyester and other synthetic fabrics, sublimation printing yields the most vibrant colors and longest-lasting prints. In order to do heat transfers, you’ll need sublimation ink and a sublimation printer. Ink is printed onto special transfer paper, which is then subjected to heat and pressure to transfer the ink to the fibers of the fabric.

Sublimation printing allows the image to become an integral part of the fabric, rather than only a surface decoration. The image will not fade or peel after repeated washings and will not crack with time.

Heat Transfer Paper Area:

Some heat transfer printers can appear bulky, and put you off when you first think about having them in your space. However, when choosing a printer for heat transfers keep in mind that it should be able to handle the size of your transfers on the goods you intend to print on. This is especially important when you consider printing wide items, such as flags.

Printing Speed:

You should think about how many pages you print on a daily basis when considering how fast your printer needs to print. A home heat transfer printer is OK for the occasional craft project, but it won’t cut it for the needs of a business setting. It’s important to keep an eye on the spec sheet’s page per minute (ppm) or copy per minute (cpm) figure to know what your new printer can handle.

Top Product Recommendations for the Best Printer for Heat Transfer 2023

  1. Overall Best Heat Transfer Printer: Epson Ecotank ET-2720
  2. Best Inkjet Printers for Heat Transfer: Epson XP-15000
  3. Best Laser Printers for Heat Transfer: HP Color Pro W1Y45A
  4. Best Sublimation Printers for Heat Transfer: Brother HL-L2320D Mono Laser Printer
  5. Best Wide Format Printer for Heat Press Fabric Printing: HP OfficeJet Pro 9018e
  6. Best Affordable Inkjet Printer for Heat Transfer: Epson Workforce Pro WF-4820

1. Overall Best Heat Transfer Printer—Epson Ecotank ET-2720

Epson Ecotank ET-2720

Selection Criteria

  • Type of heat transfer printer – Inkjet printer
  • Heat transfer paper area – 3.5 x 5, 4 x 6, 5 x 7, 8 x 10, 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 14, A4, A6, half letter, executive size
  • Printing speed – 10ppm monochrome, 5ppm color
  • Print quality – 10/10

About Epson Ecotank ET-2720

The EcoTank ET-2720 is a multitasking workhorse, that can handle everyday office use as well as as heat transfer projects without lowering its printing quality. It offers wireless printing, copying, and scanning, with the use of a spacious control panel with individual keys for straightforward operations.

Unlike traditional ink cartridges, its low-cost ink bottles and 100-sheet rear feed tray will keep you going without breaking the bank. In this bundle, you will receive cartridge-free ink bottles for refillable ink tanks that will last you two years and can print up to 4,500 black and 7,500 color pages, obviating the need for around 90 ink cartridges.

Heat transfer printing allows for high-quality prints of any design – image or graphic – thanks to MicroPiezo inkjet technology and print resolutions of up to 5760 by 1440 dpi. You can use any brand of inkjet thermal transfer paper with this all-in-one printer to print professional-quality images, even from an iPhone (HTP).

The time-saving combination of wireless printing and voice activation means that you can print your designs from virtually any Internet-enabled device, including Alexa, without ever leaving your desk. In addition, you can choose between a black and white version of this printer to better suit your business aesthetic preferences.

There are some cool features in this printer, but getting it up and running for the first time can be a nuisance if you aren’t tech savvy, especially since wireless networking has been known to be tricky.


  • High quality printing for heat transfer projects
  • High quality ink in bottles
  • Wireless printer, with voice activation
  • Works well with heat transfer vinyl printing


  • Lack of two sided printing

2. Best Inkjet Printers for Heat Transfer—Epson XP-15000

Epson XP-15000

Selection Criteria

  • Type of heat transfer printer – Inkjet printer
  • Heat transfer paper area – Up to and including 13 x 19 inches in size
  • Printing speed – 20ppm monochrome, 20ppm color
  • Print quality – 10/10

About Epson XP-15000

Our top pick for inkjet heat transfer printing is a good option for a variety of artists, especially when it comes to specific uses like wide-format printing or constant, high-volume printing.

Ethernet connection is recommended for large format printing due to its higher speeds and more reliable connection, while Alexa can assist with wireless printing of documents in a hurry.

The principal advantages of this printer—wide-format printing up to 13 by 19 inches and automatic two-sided printing—make it well suited for quickly and efficiently producing high-quality, complicated output with minimal human intervention, better than any regular printer.

This inkjet printer has a total of six ink cartridges, making it ideal for complex printing jobs and a direct competitor to the detailed coloring of larger competitors. The 1.5 picoliter printhead precision and Claria photo HD ink guarantee that produced images will maintain their brilliant hues for years to come. The 200-sheet capacity of the front tray and the dedicated specialty paper tray at the back make it especially versatile.

Many users, however, have complained about the printer’s short ink life and the inability to print after even one cartridge is depleted. Plus you cannot use any ink cartridge not manufactured by EPSON because of a software restriction. The XP-15000, one of our top picks for color inkjet printers, is perfect for almost any home or professional job.


  • Large tray for inkjet heat transfer paper
  • High printing quality
  • Access to the printing via Wi-Fi and LAN


  • Third party inks cannot be used with the Epson software after it has been downloaded

3. Best Laser Printers for Heat Transfer—HP Color Pro W1Y45A

HP Color Pro W1Y45A

Selection Criteria

  • Type of heat transfer printer – Laser printer
  • Heat transfer paper area – Letter, legal, executive, envelopes, A4-A6, B5-6
  • Printing speed – 28ppm monochrome, 28ppm color
  • Print quality – 10/10

About HP Color Pro W1Y45A

The HP color laser printer W1Y45A was designed with businesses in mind, both financially and structurally; it can quickly and affordably print high-quality documents, as well as appealing graphics for heat-transfer papers. Indeed, laser printers are quick, but this particular model shines in a number of other respects as well. The estimated average monthly volume for the HP W1Y45A laser printer is 4,000 pages.

With automatic two-sided printing, you can conserve paper; while the USB port on the front of the printer lets you print files straight from your device, for when the mood strikes for graphics and text heat transfer designs. Artists who make plenty of designs will appreciate this feature, along with the 28ppm speed and 250-page front tray, because it makes it easy to print on heat transfer paper often and accurately.

If you are looking for a heat transfer laser printer for a large company, where you are worried about your designs being hacked, you will be glad to know that this laser printer has built-in HP WOLF PRO security, which can shield confidential company data from hackers.


  • High-quality prints
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Easy and secure heat transfer process
  • Paper types from plain to glossy to heat transfer are all supported


  • High initial cost

4. Best Sublimation Printers for Heat Transfer—Brother HL-L2320D Mono Laser Printer

Brother HL-L2320D Mono Laser Printer

Selection Criteria

  • Type of heat transfer printer – Sublimation ink printer
  • Heat transfer paper area – letter sublimation paper, legal and envelope
  • Printing speed – 30 ppm
  • Print quality – 9/10

About Brother HL-L2320D Mono Laser Printer

Despite being a monochrome printer, the Brother HL-inexpensive-L2320D’s pricing caught our attention. Both the print speed and the paper capacity of this printer are rather good. For this reason, it works wonderfully for industrial-scale heat transfer printing. Having a hardwired connection also makes it easy to set up and start using straight from the box.

The printed output is of exceptional sharpness and clarity. Due to the high quality of the printed graphics on the heat transfer papers, we were able to use this printer to create some amazing t-shirt designs. I think this makes up for the fact that the printer can’t produce colored prints.

If you’re using high-quality heat transfer paper, this high-speed monochrome heat transfer printer can crank out about 30 single-sided sheets per minute.

Colored heat transfer paper can be used to compensate for the monochromatic prints. This heat transfer printer stands out from the crowd because to its great print quality and cheap operating expenses.


  • Sublimation printer, great for thermal transfer printing
  • Great quality prints
  • Good for heat transfer t-shirts
  • Large output capacity


  • Monochromatic output
  • No Wi Fi direct

5. Best Wide Format Printer for Heat Press Fabric Printing—HP OfficeJet Pro 9018e

HP OfficeJet Pro 9018e

Selection Criteria

  • Type of heat transfer printer – Inkjet printer
  • Heat transfer paper area – 8.5 x 14 inch, 11 x 17 inch
  • Printing speed – 22ppm monochrome, 18ppm color
  • Print quality – 9/10

About HP OfficeJet Pro 9018e

If you are in the market for a multifunctional digital heat transfer printer, the HP OfficeJet Pro 9018e can easily become your best bet as it is able to match most printing demands. The use of HP’s thermal inkjet technology in this printer allows for the production of prints of a great level of quality, with a resolution that is increased to 4800 by 1200 dots per inch.

On the other hand, as it is unable to produce large print volumes, this device is particularly useful for smaller businesses. When you activate HP Plus, you will receive a complimentary six-month subscription to HP Instant Ink, where you can print as many as 700 pages per month. After the first six months, a monthly fee will apply until it is canceled, however, you will save up to 50 percent on ink.

To access more advanced features, such as mobile printing, security, automatic updates, and more, activate your free copy of HP Plus. An HP account, an internet connection, and original HP ink are required to use the HP + feature for the printer’s life.


  • High-quality prints
  • Six-month subscription to HP instant ink
  • Self-healing Wi-FiTM
  • Color touchscreen controls for scanning, copying, and faxing documents


  • Single paper tray, so you will need to go to the printer to choose the right heat transfer paper for each project

6. Best Affordable Inkjet Printer for Heat Transfer—Epson Workforce Pro WF-4820

Epson Workforce Pro WF-4820

Selection Criteria

  • Type of heat transfer printer – Inkjet printer
  • Heat transfer paper area – 8.5 x 14 inch
  • Printing speed – 25ppm monochrome, 12ppm color
  • Print quality – 9/10

About Epson Workforce Pro WF-4820

Epson is not like other companies, in that their affordable products do not sacrifice quality. The WF-4820 is a powerful heat transfer printer that delivers an all-in-one approach, comparable to that of other printers in higher price points, despite its low cost and slightly larger size.

This Epson model is capable of handling a wide variety of paper types and sizes, in both printing and scanning functions. The fact that the DURABrite Ultra instant-dry pigment ink increases print quality to such a great extent is one of the reasons that piqued our interest in this product. As a result, this printer allows for the transfer of designs onto t-shirts and other thick fabrics and papers, making it the most cost-effective and versatile option for heat transfer on a budget.

Epson printers are reliable for both professional and personal use. Both the high paper capacity of 250 sheets and the automatic printing on both sides of the page are time-saving features that will help you get more done in less time. While you are continuously printing items, it can get noisy, but it is a small price to pay.

Small company owners and do-it-yourselfers can also benefit from the product’s additional features, including Alexa support, a color touchscreen, accurate dot placement, and front and back trays.


  • Wide variety of transfer paper sizes
  • Can handle large printing orders
  • Cheapest budget printer
  • Vibrant hear transfers


  • Noisy when printing large files

Conclusion—The Best Printer for Heat Transfer 2023

The heat transfer product industry has something useful for everybody, whether they prefer an inkjet or laser printer; and this can be a slippery slope. Attempting to find the ideal heat transfer printer might also be difficult due to the wide variety of possibilities. That’s why we put together this overview.

We have taken into account all of the most important aspects and the varying needs of our users. Which heat transfer printer is best for you will largely depend on your individual requirements. The aforementioned examples, however, will simplify the decision-making process.

Both the Epson ET-2720 and the HP Color LaserJet Pro W1Y45A are excellent choices. Both have features that will make your heat transfer printing easier, faster, and more efficient, so you may choose whichever one best suits your needs.

If you need a wide transfer printer, the HP OfficeJet Pro 9018e is a great option. This state-of-the-art machine is an investment in the future of your company.

We hope you found our analysis of the top printer for heat transfer of 2023 to be helpful. Consult our associated guides for further sources of comparable items for the artistic lifestyle.

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