General Gerard (1816) by Jacques-louis David

General Gerard - Jacques-louis David - 1816

Artwork Information

TitleGeneral Gerard
ArtistJacques-louis David
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions77 5/8 x 53 5/8 in
Current LocationThe Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York
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About General Gerard

Jacques-Louis David, the celebrated artist of the Neoclassical style, painted a portrait of General Étienne-Maurice Gérard in 1816. The painting is held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and showcases Gérard as a military figure wearing his uniform.

As an advocate of Neoclassicism, David incorporated rigorous contours, sculpted forms, and polished surfaces into his artwork that reflected minimalism and linear precision. Despite political regimes changing multiple times during David’s career ranging from the French Revolution to the Napoleonic Empire, he continued to capture classical subjects in his pieces.

David was known for combining classical backgrounds with minimalist portrayals in painting – this fusion can be seen in his depiction of General Gérard. The portrait is wrought with details that reflect David’s commitment to accuracy while portraying a formal military figure.

In summary, Jacques-Louis David’s portraits evoke memories of neoclassical formality fused with distinctive lines to create complex compositions inspired by ancient art forms. His portrait of General Étienne-Maurice Gérard speaks volumes about the period it was painted and showcases remarkable credentials defining one’s personality through artwork that continues inspiring millions even today.

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